Joan Sebastian Museum, Julián Figueroa’s dream in honor of his father

One of the most beloved singer-songwriters in the music industry of Mexico is without a doubt Joan SebastianTherefore, their children seek that their legacy is not lost and with which their followers can continue in contact in a different way throughout their trajectory.

And it is precisely the singer’s former partner, Maribel Guardia, who assured that this idea of ​​making a museum in his honor She is part of the Figueroa family, but since she did not belong to this lineage, she was unaware of many of the details.

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It was through an interview for various media that Maribel guard revealed that the passion of Joan Sebastian were the horses and ‘la cantada’, so his son Julian Figueroa He already donated some of the belongings that belonged to the interpreter of That and more.

“I don’t know about those plans. I know that he wants to make a museum and that Julián has donated many things he had … A sculpture, a painting, prizes, he donated everything “said the former Costa Rican beauty queen.

Recall that it was in 2019 when the Government of the State of Guerrero, undertook the task of holding a ceremony for the singer’s fourth death anniversary, where they made a museum in his honor, ensuring that family members had participated in this.

Joan Sebastian Museum, Julián Figueroa‘s dream in honor of his father. Photo: Instagram

What is a fact is that the name of Joan Sebastian has not stopped being under the spotlight, after recently his brother Federico Figueroa came out to give a series of statements where he spoke of several controversies that the singer left behind.

Well, one of them would be precisely that one of the things that most weighed on the interpreter of Tattoos It was having been unfaithful to Maribel Guardia with the actress Arleth Teran, since he did fall in love with her in addition to having her son with her Julian FigueroaHowever, it was something that the singer could not bear and ended up separating from him the moment she found out.

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