Joe Biden and his presidential plane get stuck in a snowstorm

A video managed to capture the exact moment when the presidential plane from Joe biden You are caught in a storm of snow, Was the President of the U.S?

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that these types of storms are very dangerous and that since they are in force they do not allow the airspace to be used, because it is dangerous!

We previously told you that Joe defended his cabinet; However, now we will tell you how he got out of so much snow unscathed.

Joe Biden gets caught in a blizzard

Joe getting off his plane. Photo: YouTube RT in Spanish

The President of the United States arrived in Washington DC on January 3, 2022, and although the landing was perfect, he arrived right in the middle of Frida, a snowstorm that that day generated bad weather, hence, the staff of Andrews Air Force Base, had to leave him in his plane for at least 30 more minutes to be able to place the steps to descend, because there was a thick layer of snow that covered the entire runway, what an inconvenience!

How did Biden get safe?

The American president descended the staircase dressed in a suit and a black coat, while covering his face with one hand and holding the railing with the other, it is clear in the video that the air was too intense when he reached the bottom, already A black truck was waiting for him, where he was quickly brought to safety, then he moved carefully on the track to get out of the powerful storm.

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