Joe Biden apologizes to journalist whom he called ‘Stupid son of a bitch’

United States.- The president of the United States, Joe Biden sparked controversy after calling the reporter “stupid son of a bitch” peter doocy of the chain news Fox News, this during a round of questions at the White House, when the president believed that his microphone was off.

Hours after the controversy, it was revealed that the president contacted the reporter to apologize and tell him that it was “nothing personal,” according to US media.

The incident occurred, during the session, the reporter asked Biden; “Do you think inflation is a political handicap heading into the midterm elections?”, hinting that inflation in the United States is at its highest level in the last 40 years.

After hearing the question, Joe Biden responded ironically; “It’s a great advantage. More inflation,” and almost immediately and without realizing that his microphone was on, he murmured, “what a stupid son of a bitch.”

The insult quickly caught the attention of the journalists who were present and the news quickly went viral.

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Moments later, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins revealed that Joe Biden called Doocy to apologize and tell him; “It’s nothing personal, mate.”

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