Joe Biden declares major disaster in Kentucky after tornado

After the multiple tornadoes recorded in the United States, President Joe biden declared state of major disaster in Kentucky, where dozens of deaths, injuries and severe material damage were registered, as families were left homeless.

The statement was given on the night of Sunday, December 12, after evaluating the multiple damages caused by tornadoes on the afternoon of Friday, December 10 in the United States.

So far, emergency services are looking for survivors, but according to data from local and federal authorities, at the moment 94 deaths have been recorded in Kentucky, a figure that could increase as the debris moves.

They asked Joe Biden to declare a state of major disaster

Kentucky tornado left severe damage and deaths Tornadoes can be devastating

It was the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, who asked the president to update the “major disaster” emergency declaration, as this allows federal aid to be sent to the state to carry out recovery work.

It should be noted that the hellish wave of tornadoes that hit the United States has been considered “one of the largest” in the history of the country. Even the governor indicated that it was one of the “hardest nights” in the state. He also notified that the Sniffer dogs are still working to find people under the rubble.

In a press conference the governor of Kentucky revealed: “The first thing we have to do is cry together and we will do it before we rebuild together.”

It was revealed that most of the deceased in the state were candle factory workers in the town of Mayfiield, whose roof collapsed during the tornado. Likewise, six people died in a similar situation in an Amazon warehouse, in the city of Edwardsville, Illinois.

What is a tornado?

Tornadoes can be devastating

Tornadoes are a column of air that is rotating violently, it extends from the ground to the base of a cloud. The course of tornadoes, without separating from the ground, can range between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour.

Tornadoes can be devastating and appear simultaneously, such as the wave of tornadoes that hit the United States on the night of Friday, December 10, for which the President Joe Biden had to declare a state of major disaster in Kentucky.

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