Joe Biden is still not rid of the COVID-19 rebound

The White House reported that the president of USA, Joe Bidentested positive for COVID-19 again this Friday, so he will still remain in confinement because he has not overcome the rebound of this disease. They specified that the president is stable and without serious symptoms.

As it is known, Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 last week, after allegedly giving a negative test for the disease, for which he had to return to confinement. The president published a video saying that he felt fine and would rest.

Despite being in isolation, President Joe Biden has remained active because, as he has reported AmericanPost.Newsrecently signed an order to protect access to abortion for those women who decide to travel to another state in the country to legally interrupt their pregnancy.

Joe Biden without serious symptoms

In this sense, the White House specified that Joe Biden remains under surveillance although he practically does not present symptoms of COVID-19. The US president has held virtual meetings with his collaborators to follow up on his activities as president.

“The president continues to feel very well. His cough has almost completely disappeared and his temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain normal, and his lungs are clear,” said the medical team monitoring Biden’s health. .

For this reason, the medical body in charge of Biden recommended that he still maintain strict isolation measures, although as mentioned, the president is in a position to hold work meetings virtually. He even gave a conference to celebrate the assassination of the Al Qaeda leader in an anti-terrorism operation in Afghanistan.

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Joe Biden will seek re-election

Joe Biden will seek to remain as president of the United States for one more period as he will compete for re-election in 2024, according to information released by the White House.

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