Joe Biden suffers embarrassing moment in Iowa Did a bird poop him?

Joe Biden lived an embarrassing moment during a presidential event that took place this Tuesday in Menloa small city belonging to the county of Guthrie in Iowa, United States. Everything was going well in his speech until the press present in the place captured the exact moment in which a bird pooped in its sack.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which AmericanPost.News brings to you, the US president was talking about the inflation that the economy has suffered due to the war between Russia and Ukraine when a substance fell from the ground and stained the pocket of his blue jacket.

The video did not take long to go viral on social networks, which unleashed a wave of ridicule against the president of the United States. However, The Des Moines Register site assured that it was not bird poop but a grain of distilled corn which takes place in the manufacturing plant where the event took place.

It is ignored because of Barack Obama

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has become a topic of conversation on social networks for non-political reasons, because a few weeks ago we informed you that was completely ignored by the American press in the White House and all because of Barack Obama.

Let’s remember that Barack Obama visited that venue commemorate the twelfth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, also known to the American people as the Obamacare Act. However, the fury of his presence is due to the fact that it took five years for him to return to the place that was his home in the past.

When did Joe Biden come to power?

The native of Scranton, Pennsylvania will hold office as president of the United States until January 2025.

Joe Biden took office as 46th President of the United States an January 20, 2021 during an epic ceremony that was attended by various celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Also, he is expected to step down in January 2025.

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