Jofran comes out of anonymity thanks to Caliber 50

After the sudden departure of Edén Muñoz, who for years appeared as the composer and main voice of Caliber 50, the Mexican regional group turned to their social networks in search of their new member. They published the process that those interested should follow, and one of the names that came to the group’s offices was that of Jofran Mendoza.

Given this, the singer from Culiacán explained how people close to the group communicated with him to talk about the interest of the university studentbut what already has several songs recordedwhich has been launched on digital platforms.

How did things turn out?

Jofran Mendoza said that from the beginning there was a confusion about his interest in being the substitute for Edén Muñoz. He clarified that he has been making music since 2017, but not professionally, however, all the songs he recorded were published on his YouTube channel, which were well accepted by his followers. Because of his love for his melodies, his fans saw the opportunity for him to audition and aspire as the voice of the group. They began to send recordings of him to the Caliber 50 networks, and apparently his tone of voice pleased the directors of the group, who later contacted him. But nevertheless, he did not want to do a casting because he already has a contract with a record labelcalled Show Business, based in Los Angeles.

Photo taken from Facebook.

Jofran seeks solo success

The Public Policy student has been signed to that record company for a year and wants to achieve solo success, without the seal of a band. Mendoza recorded Leo Dan’s cover, I have promised you. That he liked it a lot among his followers. After that success he continued recording. In 2021 he released an album with 10 songs, which he has been gradually releasing. As is the case with I do what I want, melody that has just been released on digital platforms, which tells the story of a toxic couple who for obvious reasons decide to separate. Jofran announced that in the coming months the new songs that are pending will be released.

Would you like to collaborate?

After the fever of the collaborations between the groups, the singer also wants to try his luck in that sense. One of his plans this year is to finish his studies and continue to pamper his fans.. You can find Jofran on Instagram as jofranmusic.