Johan Vásquez before the challenge of his life in Serie A

Mexican central defender Johan Vásquez is ready for the challenge of his life. He will arrive at Genoa in Italy, a team with few reflections but which in recent years has been a growth platform for various players.

Vasquez began his career in professional soccer in the promotion division with the Cimarrones de Sonora. From there he caught the attention of Rayados. In the Sultana del Norte he could not win a place before the splendor of the establishment, but his virtues caught the attention of the National University.

Tokyo 2020 the springboard of Johan Vásquez

The central Sonora shone with the Mexican team in Tokyo. Photo Reuters.

Tokyo 2020 was the turning point for Johan. But his promotion had been cooking for a while. After not finding a place in Rayados, the Sonoran arrived in Pumas with the task of adding minutes. He quickly won the title and not only that: Pumas found a defensive leader that they had missed so much.

The company will be extremely complicated in a box that bears the label of having been the most thrashed during the past season, but that experienced a resurrection after the arrival of coach DavideBellardini, which in a good way to Vásquez.

The challenge of the senior team for Johan

Johan Vasquez
Johan Vásquez also stood out with the UNAM Pumas. Photo: Reuters.

The great form of Johan Vásquez with Pumas was not enough to make a place in the calls of the Senior Selection, the main pending issue, although it must also be said that the previous tournament was part of the debacle of the feline team.

To a certain extent because the commitments of Gerardo Martino’s team regularly coincided with those of the U23. But in the few gaps of space that there was, the defender did not enter Tata’s payroll. Now, clad in the colors of the Genoa, fate can smile at Johan.

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