Johanna San Miguel wears her statuesque figure on paradisiacal beaches at 54 years old and receives praise

RENOVATED. Johanna san miguel has shown that the course of the years is not an impediment to show off a figure of heart attack. The host of Esto es Guerra is 54 years old and continues to wear a statuesque body, especially on the paradisiacal beaches where she arrived for her vacations.

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The driver now poses in a bikini by becoming a fitness girl and having a gym in her own home. Through his Instagram account, he has shared images and videos of how he is doing on his days off.

“Bye 2021. Hello 2022! I know you come with everything and here I wait for you excited. The best of the best of the best for you and your families “, wrote Johanna San Miguel as the beginning of a new year.

The host of the youth reality show has preferred to keep in reserve the heavenly place where she has gone and has only been in charge of publishing photos and videos at sea and showing off her slim figure.

Some users have even filled Johanna with praise and have not hesitated to highlight her beauty over time. “You want to be your collagen”wrote a follower.

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Rodrigo González returned to his Instagram account and one of the characters most criticized by the host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ was Johanna San Miguel. ‘Peluchín’ questioned that the actress uses filters and editing in her photos.

“The johanna San Miguel opens the seas more than Moisés and breaks the oars to become a mermaid! Then he deleted the photo but the Rodriguistas are always faster ”, wrote the popular ‘stuffed animal’.


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