John Meadows bodybuilder death from pulmonary embolism (PHOTOS)

  • It has been a fatal week for the world of entertainment and sports
  • After several deaths, the loss of another famous person is reported
  • The death of bodybuilder John Meadows was reported

In a week in which several deaths have been reported, including a famous athlete named John Eyers, in addition to the son of a footballer in a fateful accident, now the death of bodybuilder John Meadows is reported who died unexpectedly leaving behind all shocked.

The newspaper ‘Vanguardia’ published the terrible news about the bodybuilding star John Meadows who was dedicated to motivating many young people and preparing them in their training so that they could compete in various events; the man known as ‘Mountain Dog’ was 49 years old.

The death of bodybuilder John Meadows shocked everyone

Bodybuilder John Meadows

Unfortunately, no one expected that the bodybuilder would die so suddenly, as he did not suffer from any disease and was apparently in good health, although the media reported that John Meadows died in his sleep.

As published by Fitness Volt, the famous athlete known as ‘Mountain Dog’ died last Sunday at the age of 49 due to a pulmonary embolism; John Meadows’ work is respected by all bodybuilders for the system he created.

The death of bodybuilder John Meadows adds to other recent losses

John Meadows death

Unfortunately, the death of John Meadows at the age of 49, joins others of his colleagues who have died at such a young age, because in recent years Dallas McCarver or Rich Piana have died. Sadly, the bodybuilder was surprised by a deep vein thrombosis.

As reported by the Mayo Clinic, John Meadows lost his life in his sleep due to a pulmonary embolism due to a deep vein thrombosis, which occurs when a blood clot hits the lungs from the deep veins of the body, so the bodybuilder couldn’t even react.

Would have suffered a cardiac arrest

Bodybuilder John Meadows

Although apparently he looked healthy and without health problems, the bodybuilder John Meadows would have suffered a cardiac arrest during 2020, and although he was hospitalized and under observation for a few days, he managed to recover, however the doctors indicated that he could have heart problems .

What ‘Mountain Dog’ did not imagine is that such a problem would cause death, because in addition, it was reported that during 2005, the weight lifter was diagnosed with a disease called idiopathic myointimal hyperplasia of the mesenteric vein, which has a condition in the colon.

He would have removed John Meadows’ colon

John Meadows death

Since 2005, it was reported that the bodybuilder lived without a colon, because due to the condition he presented, he had to be removed; The previous health situations did not prevent him from continuing with his discipline as a bodybuilder and even less, from stopping training his colleagues and students.

The clear example of John Meadows’ work is that he worked for several months training the 2012 Mister Olympia winner, Shaun Clarita, as well as the Ms Fitness Olympia, called Miss Truscott; which represents a great loss for athletes who are inspired by it to train their bodies.

His followers on Instagram say goodbye to bodybuilder John Meadows

Bodybuilder death

In his Instagram account, you can see the various videos and photographs where John Meadows enjoys his passion: bodybuilding, because with poses he shows why it takes a lot of dedication to tone the body, increase muscle mass and the workouts that are required .

Before the death of the bodybuilder, the messages in his latest publications were swift: “Rest in peace, very grateful to you for everything you taught me during training”, “What a great loss, rest in peace”, “I could not believe it when I found out, rest in peace ”,“ You will be missed ”,“ Rest in peace a legend ”.

John Eyers dies of coronavirus

John Eyers coronavirus dies

John Eyers coronavirus dies. This is the great proof that the famous coronavirus pandemic is not a game, unfortunately a high-performance athlete had to lose his life to raise awareness, since he mentioned that if he got infected, thanks to his physique it would not happen to him nothing, according to People en Español.

The famous mountaineer John Eyers died of the coronavirus, the young athlete refused to be vaccinated against COVID, according to his family thanks to his great physical shape and his muscles, he believed himself immortal and thought that he would overcome this deadly virus if it reached him enter your body. Filed Under: John Meadows Bodybuilder Death

John Eyers dies coronavirus: His family shares his story

John Eyers dies coronavirus: His family shares his story

At just 42 years old, who was a famous climber, mountaineer and runner, he lost his life in the United Kingdom victim of this terrible disease that has paralyzed and affected the whole world, causing millions of deaths and apparently not yet this wave of contagion ends.

John’s story has gone viral on social media thanks to his family, as they want to raise awareness among people that they have the same mentality as the athlete who died for not wanting to be vaccinated. It was 4 weeks after being admitted to the hospital that his organic failures occurred after becoming infected. Filed Under: John Meadows Bodybuilder Death

John Eyers dies coronavirus: “He was the healthiest and fittest person I know”

John Eyers coronavirus dies: "He was the fittest and healthiest person I know"

Through her Twitter account, Eyers’ sister shared a series of messages viralizing the story of her deceased siblings, this because both her mother and her family want to raise awareness among all people who do not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously .

“This shouldn’t have happened. My mother wants people to know about John and that his story can save someone’s life. May their pain and loss serve to get people vaccinated, ”wrote Jenny MacCann, twin sister of John Eyers, on her Twitter profile. Filed Under: John Meadows Bodybuilder Death

John Eyers dies coronavirus: “Somehow I thought he was immortal”

Eyers coronavirus dies: "Somehow I thought I was immortal"

Jenny MacCann was sharing several messages on social networks where she explained her brother’s situation, even beginning by saying that John was a born athlete and that he was climbing mountains and exercising 4 weeks before he died.

“My 42-year-old twin brother died in ITU from COVID-19 last week. He died exactly 4 weeks after testing positive. He was the fittest and healthiest person I know. He was climbing Welsh mountains and camping wild 4 weeks before his death, ”he wrote in his Tweet. Filed Under: John Meadows Bodybuilder Death

John Eyers dies coronavirus: “It shouldn’t have happened”

Eyers coronavirus dies: "It shouldn't have happened"

Messages from his sister continued to explain that the 42-year-old athlete thought he was immortal: “Somehow he thought he was immortal and that if he ever contracted COVID-19 it would be fine and it would be temporary,” Jenny explained on her social network where he shared the story.

“The only pre-existing health condition he had was a belief in his own immortality. He thought that if he contracted COVID-19 he would be fine. He thought he had a mild illness. He did not want to put a vaccine in his body, “added the twin sister after the sensitive loss. Filed Under: John Meadows Bodybuilder Death

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