Johnny Depp details fight with Amber Heard for which he lost part of his finger

A very graphic photo of the severed finger of Johnny Depp was shown in court as the actor detailed an infamous fight he had with his ex-wife Amber heard.

The court heard that the couple had an argument during a trip to Australia in 2015, when the 58-year-old actor was filming the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Amber Heard, 35, had previously claimed Depp had abused her during this trip, describing the time Down Under as a “three day hostage situation”.

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.Newsthe trip was shortly after they were married and Johnny said that Amber had been upset by the arguments they were having about the prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Johnny Depp shows off the middle finger on his hand, injured while he and ex-wife Amber Heard were in Australia in 2015. Johnny Depp said you could see the bone after his finger was cut off.

Johnny told the court that he had locked himself in “at least nine rooms” in the rented house, which he described as a “labyrinth”, as Amber sought to continue the argument.

He said Amber was “banging on doors, yelling obscenities.”

The actor said that eventually the banging stopped and he heard Amber walk away and that the situation had “become very emotional.”

Depp said he went downstairs to a bar on the property and told the court: “It was a mess, it was a mess.”

He said he had a bottle of vodka and poured himself two or three “strong” shots and said that when Amber found him at the bar, she “of course started yelling… ‘the monster,’ and all that.”

Johnny Depp said you could see the bone after his finger was cut off.

He told the court that Amber took the bottle and “threw” it at him, breaking it behind his head.

After reaching for another larger bottle of vodka and pouring another shot, Depp told the court that Amber was “throwing insults” before taking the second bottle and throwing it at her.

He told the court that the bottle shattered and part of the bottle hit his finger.

He said he “didn’t feel any pain at all” at first, but his finger was getting hot and when he looked down, the tip of his finger had been cut off.

Depp said: “I was looking right at my bone… sticking out… blood was coming out.”

He told the court that at this point it was “probably the closest I’ve ever come” to having a nervous breakdown.

When asked which finger he cut off, Depp raised his right hand and told the court: “It’s the one that looks funny.”

Johnny Depp said that in the moments after his finger was amputated, “it looked like Mount Vesuvius.”

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