Johnny Depp goes all out against Amber Heard, hires Kathleen Zellner

After in 2020 he made public the legal lawsuit he had with his ex-wife, Warner Bros had made him give up his participation in the Fantastic Animals saga and a month later, Disney did not contemplate him for “Pirates of the Caribbean”, in which he worked since 2003, now Johnny Depp goes all out against Amber Heard.

How does Johnny Depp go all out against Amber Heard?

The actor has hired attorney Kathleen Zellner to handle his case. Kathleen Zellne has defended complicated cases like Steven Avery’s.

Remember that the daily “The Sun” had shown Depp as a violent husband when he was in a couple relationship between 2015 and 2017 with fellow actress Amber Heard.

That is why Johnny Depp has given a statement where he said: “My determination remains strong and I intend to prove that the accusations against me are false. My life and my career will not be defined at this time.”

same this week Depp, 58, added Kathleen Zellner to his legal team. famous for overturning wrongful convictions so now Johnny Depp goes all out against Amber Heard.

But do you have the money to pay Zellner? According to “Hollywood Reporter” even though agreed to resign from “Fantastic Beasts” did not mean that they took anything away from him the 10 million dollars he would charge for his scene.

The reason for this is that it was not a resignation on his own, but that he accepted the request of the Warner studios and, in addition, like the rest of the cast, he had a payment or reproduction contractwhich implies full payment regardless of whether the film was made or not.

Who is Kathleen Zellner?

Kathleen Zellne has defended complicated cases like Steven Avery’s.

The lawyer is known for the series “Making a Murderer”, she also defended Steven Avery, a man accused of murder who allegedly had evidence planted against him and others were omitted in his original trial, so now that Johnny Depp goes with everything against Amber Heard can disprove his ex-wife.

Also, since starting his law firm in January 1991, has achieved that 19 unjustly convicted men are exonerated.

Regarding the Johnny Depp case, Zellner said: “I have spent the last 30 years defending people who have been falsely accused of wrongdoing. I welcome Johnny Depp to that list and join his dream team who share this point of view and have defended it effectively.

Johnny Depp was awarded this Tuesday in Belgrade with the “Gold Medal of Merit” for his great contributions in “cultural and public cinematographic activities and the promotion of this country.” Now Johnny Depp goes all out against Amber Heard to deny her accusations.

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