Jomari Goyso and Francisca Lachapel are told that they have the perfect chemistry

Jomari Goyso

Photo: Georgio Viera / EFE

Jomari Goyso and Francisca Lachapel are one of the favorite couples of the Univision public. The Dominican and the Spaniard conquer with the chemistry that overflows when they are together in front of the camera: this is how the people who enjoy each appearance that these personalities make on the television screen or through social networks have let them know.

Ready for @despiertamerica with the golden and my queen @francisca”, Goyso wrote while sharing a video in which both drivers are standing on the sand wearing cute outfits.

“Wow how beautiful you two are. Francisca, that color of dress looks so beautiful on you. I also like hair, make up, shoes, a goddess. Enjoy. Jomari beautiful too. Powerful duo….”“I love that friendship, Blessings…”, What chemistry do they do together? “A spectacular duo” ,”You really do good 🔑 energetic “.

Lachapel and Goyso enjoy having a friendship that crosses the screens. The fashion and beauty specialist is the one who publishes the most content on his Instagram account where he appears sharing with Lachapel beyond work.

A few days ago, in preparation for the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony, both embarked on a nocturnal adventure to find the outfits they would wear on the night that celebrated Latin music. “CLOTHING TEST AWARD FOR OURS. Last night we went out late to try on the dresses for Francisca. And so for me too! (I was clear about what she wanted because I had already discussed it with Gianina). Let it be what God wants!! THANK YOU @gianninaazar for being part of our madness!! THANK YOU, ”wrote the Spaniard on his Instagram account.

In the video Francisca Lachapel was seen trying on a black dress, but finally at the event She wore a sensational pink dress with one bare shoulder and a full skirt with a slit that let her show off one of her long legs.

By displaying her dress on her Instagram account, Lachapel also made an extraordinary announcement:

“I feel so happy. So proud of what has been achieved with effort and dedication with @yesyoucan. I feel healthy and with more energy. 9 pounds less with my 7-day #detox!” Said the host, who is on her way back. to his ideal weight after having brought little Gennaro, his first son, into the world.

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