Jomari Goyso changes the look of Pamela Silva, star of Primer Impacto and the public reacts

Jomari Goyso He has become the favorite stylist of Hispanic celebrities, especially those of the Univision network. But it is that many of these who entrust themselves to his hands, are without a doubt close friends or “sisters” as he usually calls them. Such is the case of Pamela Silva, who has changed her look.

The fans of the Spanish critic and some of the followers of Primer Impacto have reacted to the change of look of their host. Some say that they were delighted with her short hair, while others say that her long hair suits her perfectly. Others also added: “Jomari as sincere and professional as ever. Pamela regal and precious always. I loved them”.

The Salt and Pepper Driver says his encounters with these celebrities could be called: “Barber therapy”. And, you’re right. Why? Simple. The critic not only explains to them what suits them best according to their skin color, bone structure, and others, but in his message he is always clear in emphasizing that they are beautiful with what God has already given them. And those are words of acceptance and gratitude for what you have and what each of them is as a person.

Along with the video, Jomari Goyso could not help being who he is, and said: “You no longer know what you want, or what suits you. There is so much information about what you should do to yourself, about what you have left and what doesn’t, that everything is already a mess. I’m going to get a master’s degree in psychology, which I think will be better for me”. At the end it concludes with a “Love you my Pamela Silva”.

Here the final result: A simply spectacular Pamela Silva.

But Jomari Goyso has another extremely entertaining section on his Instagram account and that is that from time to time several of his famous friends call him to do a resounding closet cleaning. The last one who lived this experience in Jacky Bracamontes.

Although Jacqueline Bracamontes is no longer an exclusive star of Univision, but of Telemundo, this pair has always been very close. The protagonist of Sortilegio is the host of “La Voz” on said television station, and she also hosts Así se Baila, a dance competition, which for its first season featured judges such as Christian de la Fuente, Mariana Seone and Adamari López.

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