Jomari Goyso exposes Khloé and Kim Kardashian’s flossing butts in detail: “This is called created beauty”

Jomari Goyso is one of the most recognized fashion critics in the world of Hispanic entertainment. But in addition to being known, he is loved and respected for how he makes criticism of him always be oriented towards fashion and not towards the person.

A few hours ago, the host of Sal y Pimienta left a powerful message for his fans again and spoke about “the created beauty” that the Kandashian sisters represent, exposing how they themselves do, their bodies in swimsuits and dental floss bikinis.

About this created beauty he said: “This is called #beautycreated and anyone with money can get it. Let’s respect all people with their statements about their bodies, but use the right language so as not to create false expectations of beauty, a “false beauty”. The natural is the natural. What God created, that is #beautynatural, when you alter what God created that is #beautycreated“.

At the end, the driver asks his fans what they think about the message he has shared. The actress Lorena Meritano told him: “Bread, bread and wine came”, while Chiquibaby host of Hoy Día de Telemundo sent her a standing ovation for her words.

The rest of her followers, her fans have told her: “I agree 💯 and the worst thing is now so common and easy for many, that when those of us who exercise and diet to achieve a better figure think it’s surgery too. I admire women who work hard to achieve natural beauty, we are already scarce. #teamnatural”.

And they continue: “Totally agree… it’s not bad that people want to look good and if they can afford it, great! But when false expectations are created, or image is given more value than feelings, I think we are losing focus on the value a person has, for who he or she is and acts, not for their physical beauty, in I do not agree with that”.

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