Jomari Goyso leaves: “It’s time to pack up again and follow my destiny… I’m not afraid of change, only of getting stuck”

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Jomari Goyso / Courtesy

Via Instagram Jomari Goyso makes a loud and surprising announcement: “It’s time to pack up again and follow my destiny,” Jomari says in her post. The television host and fashion critic also told: “I’m not afraid of change, only to stagnate. It’s time to move, to get uncomfortable and grow “.

Despite his message, he asks his fans not to worry about him: “Don’t worry, I have already lived in 12 different houses and 7 cities. 40 years of life and here I am still studying in the college of life with the teacher of teachers: God! #movingout MISSING YOU MY BEAUTIFUL LESLIE MONROY.”

Between tears, Jomari says that when packing his belongings he found objects, things, of people who are no longer with him, and that he has not yet been able to accept those absences, losses. She cries in her video, and along with him her friends, fans and faithful followers have also broken.

Jomari confesses that she is moving because her house had become a fortress. And it is that even though he needs his home to be a sanctuary and a space that gives him protection, he also reflects that feeling isolated is not healthy for him.

The Spaniard appreciates the affection of his public. He says that he has the rosaries that they have given him, that he usually watches them pray and thank them for the love they have for him, because he knows that he has a blessing there. Because in the society in which we live it is important to feel accepted and he knows that his public accepts him.

Jomari says goodbye to his house number 12.

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