Jomari Goyso threw himself on the floor to wag his tail with ‘Anitta Challenge’

Jomari Goyso

Photo: Sam Wasson/Getty Images

From the ‘Wake up America’ studio, Jomari Goyso shook his body. The Spanish driver and specialist in fashion and beauty, after waving his tail and raising his legs rhythmically, threw himself on the ground to try to move the rearguard as Anitta popularized it in the world.

On his first attempt, the Spaniard placed his hands and feet on the ground, but fell over completely amidst laughter. In the new attempt, he managed to move the tail up and down from the ground. “This is what happens when you think the #anittachallenge is easy….”, was the message he wrote to accompany this audiovisual that has more than 7,900 likes so far.

This challenge known as the ‘Anitta challenge’ became popular in the world due to its creator, the Brazilian singer Anitta. The performer does a very explicit dance, placing her hands and feet on the ground and moving her rearguard to the rhythm of her song ‘Envolver’.

In social networks, this way of dancing became very popular and many celebrities have tried it. Lele Pons was one of themlike Becky G, who was not very successful in her attempt. Carolina Sandoval had planned to do it, and even showed the lace panties, but his mother prevented him, while Galilea Montijo did it after Lili Estefan asked her.

Jomari Goyso, one of the most recent personalities in the entertainment world to have attempted this viral challenge, she just moved into her 13th home, which she hopes to turn into a sanctuary.

“I will start over once again! I will turn this space with great respect to #motherearth into my 13th sanctuary! It seems incredible that after living in so many different houses (12) and different cities (6) I keep looking for places that take me back to my childhood… the noise between these trees transports me to my family’s vineyards. THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME IN MY SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS!!”, wrote the Spaniard when sharing a video in which he is shirtless, opens his arms and looks at the sky in a place full of nature.

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