Jonathan Islas’ journey in ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 3’: from the floor to the door, as he is the first out

Jonathan Islas is willing to return to La Casa de los Famosos if the production so requests, after Monique's voluntary departure

Jonathan Islas is the first to be eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos 3. The famous actor and soap opera star said his time in the house was what it should be. “God’s timing is perfect,” he said in a conversation with Héctor Sandarti.

Islas admitted that one of the main reasons for his departure was his relationship with Rey Grupero. From the first day, he was left without a bed and had to sleep on the floor for more than a week. He initially thought that the actor favored this situation, so he started a campaign against Islas and Monique, one of the two fans who entered the reality show.

It is worth adding that the relationship between Rey and Jonathan improved in the last few days since both decided to talk and fix the misunderstanding that made them enemies.

Jonathan is willing to re-enter the house if the possibility exists after Monique leaves the competition by her own decision. This fact indicates that a new celebrity will have to enter the house since Monique’s void creates an odd situation regarding the time the reality show remains on the air.

Jonathan also told us that for him, if the competition were to end tomorrow, the winner of this season should be Arturo Carmona. Like him, many other members of the house share his thoughts. Rey Grupero and Jose say that of all of them, and he is the most humble and focused celebrity.

Here we share our interview with Jonathan Islas.