Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin sends condolences for the death of Sammy Pérez, but makes a serious mistake

Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin sends condolences for the death of Sammy Pérez, but makes a serious mistake

After the death of Sammy Pérez became known, last Friday, July 30, some celebrities used their social networks to share messages of condolences to the comedian’s family, one of them was Jorge “The Donkey” Van Rankin, with whom he rose to fame in the 90s on the program ‘El Calabozo’. But nevertheless, the driver made a serious mistake for which he was harshly criticized.

Everything happened during a video posted on his Twitter account, where the former host of the program ‘Hoy’ made users think that his words were not sincere and he only sent his message out of commitment to avoid negative comments on social networks.

In the clip of a few seconds long, Van Rankin sent his condolences to relatives and friends of the deceased:

“My condolences. A real hug and we are going to deeply miss good Sammy, I send you my regards ”.

But huge mistake he made was that he did not pause the recording and he continued to listen to the conversation he had with a person who accompanies him in the recordings of the Televisa series, ’40 and 20 ′, where he is heard saying: “I had to put something, but they were telling me why don’t you say something, so much so that …“.

As expected, the publication was deleted shortly after, but it was taken up by some users and began to circulate quickly, which is why El Burro had to upload a new video in which he assured that, what was mentioned in the previous video was not for compromise.

“I repeat again, I’m recording and I did it like that in two parts and they start to attack in a terrible way when I didn’t do anything out of commitment eh, believe me.”

He concluded by ensuring that he would soon make a live broadcast through his official Instagram profile, where he also tried to repair his mistake by sharing a photograph of the beginnings of Sammy perez in ‘The Dungeon’.

Although this photo is old from when we made super minds in Telehit, I recovered it from a video, because that smile of the great Sammy is what took me after working many years with him. RIP“, He pointed out at the bottom of the image in which he was criticized for his mistake.

Nor is it an obligation to be hypocritical in cases like this“,”If it seems like you just did it out of compromise and you really change your face when you think you cut the video“,”Well, in the video you didn’t sound so moved“,”Better upload the video where you give your condolences where you hint that they forced you to do it“Wrote some users.

In addition to Jorge “The Donkey” Van Rankin, another celebrity who remembered the charismatic Sammy was Eugenio Derbez, who spoke of the death of whom he considered a great friend and with whom he lived not only on television forums, because during the time he lived in Mexico they were even frequented in family gatherings.

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