Jorge “El Travieso” Arce lashed out at Julio César Chávez: “I’d rather be mean and stupid than have put a ‘parakeet’ up my nose”

Jorge “El Travieso” Arce lashed out at Julio César Chávez: “I’d rather be mean and stupid than have put a ‘parakeet’ up my nose”

The “Great Mexican Champion” challenged Jorge to resolve their differences above the ring.

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Controversy broke out between two renowned Mexican boxers. Julio César Chávez and Jorge “El Travieso” Arce are generating controversies through social networks. It all started with a joke from “The Great Mexican Champion” about his compatriot when he indicated that any fighter can win a world championship. “Any asshole is a World Champion, among them, Arce has five world championships, such an asshole, worse than the fuck”Chávez expressed and the fight between the two began.

In this sense, Arce did not take the comment of “mr. Knock out”. The former boxer born in Los Mochis lashed out hard at his compatriot. Jorge called him “Old weepy old man,” he criticized Chávez’s family and indicated that he would rather be bad than have gotten into trouble with drugs.

Faced with this response, Julio César Chávez did not sit idly by and He continued the sea of ​​statements through his personal account on Twitter. The “César del Boxeo” expressed that although he has already retired from exhibition boxing, you can make an exception to fix problems within the ring.

But nevertheless, Julio César Chávez clarified the context of his statements, but did not hide his disgust and amazement regarding the words of Joge Arce. Even the former Aztec boxer considers that from now on he can see the true notion that “El Navieso” has about him.

In this sense, it was not necessary those who cheered for “The Great Mexican Champion” to get into the ring once more. This time he would have reasons to spare. Arce lashed out at him, his personal life, his children, and his problem with addictions.

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