Jorge Luis, a Mexican YouTuber linked with Los Chapitos, was shot to death in Culiacán, Sinaloa

'Compa Jorge,' a Mexican YouTuber adored by car enthusiasts, whose unexpected and violent demise has left a community in mourning.

Jorge Luis, ‘Compa Jorge,’ a renowned 37-year-old Mexican YouTuber known for his videos on car remodeling and modification, was tragically shot to death on April 18, 2022, outside his home in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Although his main content focused on off-road cars, Jorge Luis had also shared accounts of alleged encounters with Ivan Archivaldo, son of former Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, making him a controversial figure.

Compa Jorge’s YouTube channel had a solid base of followers, reaching 65,300 subscribers.

Jorge showed his audience the routes he traveled in his vehicles throughout Mexico through this platform, sharing his passion for driving and exploration.

In addition, on Instagram, where he had almost 40 thousand followers, he posted photos of his cars and adventures on the beach and in the mountains, generating a community of car enthusiasts.

On the death of ‘Compa Jorge.’

Several media reports reveal chilling details about the tragic murder. On that fateful day, Jorge was returning to his home on Gilberto Owen Street in Sinaloa’s Guadalupe Victoria neighborhood at around 1:45 pm.

On the same topic:

After parking his gray Toyota SUV, he headed towards his residence, but before arriving, he was ambushed by two unknown men. Without saying a word, the assailants opened fire on him, and Jorge was shot at least 10 times in the chest at point-blank range.

Despite the rapid arrival of the emergency services and his transfer to a nearby hospital, the doctors could not save his life, as he was admitted without vital signs and was declared dead.

Just 14 minutes before his murder, ‘Compa Jorge’ had shared a story on his Instagram account, where he mentioned that his vacation was over and that he was heading to the bank.

The last photo on his Instagram profile, dated April 15, showed Jorge enjoying a beautiful sunset on a beach in Mazatlan.

As for his YouTube channel, his last video focused on modifications he had made to an RZR and was posted on April 12, 2022, just six days before his murder.