Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo attacked Jesús Ochoa for problems at the Actor’s House

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo responded to the accusations of Jesús Ochoa for the possible revocation of the Board of Trustees of the Casa del Actor (Photos: Instagram @jesusochoamex / @jorgeortizdepinedoficial)

The problems between National Association of Actors (ANDA) and the Actor’s House continues, then their representatives, Jesus Ochoa Y Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, respectively, they have made compromising statements in defense of their administrations.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, who chairs the Board of Trustees of the Actor’s House, attacked Jesús Ochoa after the last statements he made during one of an ANDA assembly, in which he assured that the corresponding accountability for years.

Faced with these accusations made by the actor, Ortiz de Pinedo shared a statement on Facebook in which he assured that all the administrative movements carried out by the Casa del Actor are supervised, according to the law, by the Ministry of Finance as it is a donee, this in addition to your tax return.

He added that since 2019 Jesús Ochoa removed the provision of services by nurses and caregivers, in addition to having stopped paying for 33 months consecutive to asylum.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo walks the actor's house
The actor assured that ANDA blames the Casa del Actor for his financial problems and it is the Association itself that is guilty of not having paid the corresponding amount (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Among the accusations made by Ochoa, he mentioned that the current patronage of the Casa del Actor would be revoked Because the alleged corruption within the asylum has reached the point where it has had to go to court to clarify details about its foundation.

Due to these accusations, the protagonist of A family of 10 assured that at no time was a crime committed by going to court and that ANDA does not have the authority to remove the board.

The actor also hinted that there are possibly legal consequences for “libelous statements” carried out by Ochoa, as they have personally affected those people whom he has mentioned.

Ortiz de Pinedo, in the middle of his statements, made public that ANDA’s debt to the Casa del Actor already amounts to 22 million pesos and it is becoming increasingly difficult to take care of the people who live in the asylum, as there are fewer resources every day.

The assembly scheduled by ANDA to discuss the revocation of the Board of Trustees of the Casa del Actor will be on January 9 at 10:00 a.m.

jesus ochoa
Jesús Ochoa called an extraordinary assembly on January 9 to talk about the revocation of the patronage (Photo: Instagram / @ jesusochoamex)

The statements made by Jesús Ochoa arise from the fact that in a press conference he was questioned about the Fall of the Actor and the complaints that have been made against him by different actors. The actor blamed the creator of Dr. Cándido Pérez of what happened, evidencing that supposedly his partner is not listed and is not transparent with the accounts of the asylum.

And it is that this conflict dates back to 2018, when it was announced that ANDA had not fulfilled its financial obligations with the House. In May 2021 one of the first lawsuits was raised against Ochoa by several actors, among them are Laura Zapata and Ortiz de Pinedo. According to the legal representatives of those involved, their clients had decided to proceed in this way since it is believed that the management of resources within the Association is not transparent.

If their complaints were accepted, they would also seek the removal of Ochoa as the main leader of ANDA Due to the fact that money was allegedly “borrowed” from the retirement fund for the actors, something that was not allowed.

Last August another complaint was added, this time for evasion of maintenance to the Actor’s House, in addition to omission of various types of abuse that have happened within it.


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