José Ángel Bichir’s confession ignites controversy surrounding Belinda’s love life and confidentiality contracts

Despite rumors about Belinda's love life, he has remained tight-lipped about her romances. Bichir's statements have sparked discussions about the nature of the relationship and the reason behind the confidentiality contract.

An actor is saying that Belinda made her boyfriend sign a confidentiality contract, and he knows it because he is her ex. Still, he couldn’t say anything else about their relationship.

Belinda -33 years old- is in the middle of a controversy after an actor confessed that he had a relationship with her but could not say anything because he recently signed a confidentiality contract.

The declarations of this actor come after he returned to work with Belinda in an important project Divina Comida Mexico, where they showed the great chemistry they had since they have known each other since they were children.

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Belinda (Belinda Instagram @belindapop)

Belinda has become one of the most popular actresses and singers in Mexico. However, except for Christian Nodal, 24 years old, the celebrity has not spoken about her love life.

Although there have been several speculations about her relationships, Belinda has remained very tight-lipped about the romances she has had.

The actor surprised everyone by confessing that he had been with Belinda but could not say anything more because he had signed a confidentiality contract.

It is none other than José Ángel Bichir, 35 years old, who, in a meeting with several media, was questioned about Belinda and Christian Nodal’s relationship.

At that time, José Ángel Bichir – Odiseo Bichir’s son – pointed out that he supported Belinda since he considered that Christian Nodal had not behaved very well during their relationship.

“It’s nothing my friend, I’m in favor of the Belinda team, obviously, then Nodal I don’t have good references, but I recognize him as a good singer (…) What I can tell you is that it’s a mess what happened there, it’s a mess, I can tell you that I wish him luck, because he is very young, but on Belinda’s side I don’t think he behaved very well”.

José Ángel Bichir

When questioned more about his statements, José Ángel Bichir confessed that he had a relationship with Belinda and would never deny it.

However, it was surprising that José Ángel Bichir stressed that he would no longer discuss it since he had signed a confidentiality contract.

“I am very surprised that your colleagues in the press say that I said that I absolutely deny a relationship with Belinda, I have never done that, I would not do it, but I can not talk about it, because I signed a confidentiality contract, I leave the task there”.

José Ángel Bichir

Moments later, José Ángel Bichir reiterated that he never said he had never had a relationship with the singer because he always speaks the truth.

“I have never denied when I was asked about a relationship because I would not do it, because I am a being who likes to speak with the truth, I like the truth to always come out, I believe in the truth.”

José Ángel Bichir

In the video shared by reporter Berenice Ortiz, José Ángel Bichir made it clear that he did have a relationship with Belinda, only that he always tried not to answer the question, but he never denied the romance.

“You’re just elegant and you go another way. There is an interview that says that I am not in new angel of Belinda, that we are super friends, that I never walked with her and I say this is defamation.”

José Ángel Bichir

José Ángel Bichir pointed out that he could not talk about the subject because he had signed a confidentiality agreement last year, so he could not talk about his relationship with Belinda.

“I can’t tell you because I have signed a confidentiality agreement and that’s why I’m not going to talk about it. I insist, I don’t want to have lawsuits. Last year. One is noble, loving with people, I’ve known her for a long time, I behaved like a gentleman and I never made anything public. Suddenly this report comes out, I find it very sad”.

José Ángel Bichir

When asked by the media if Belinda had forced him to sign, José Ángel Bichir only kept silent and pointed out that he had to talk to his lawyers because he did not want a lawsuit.

When questioned about why he did it, José Ángel Bichir emphasized that it was for love. Immediately the press asked him if he thought Belinda would be angry, and he only made a sign as if he was apologizing to the singer.

Jose Angel Bichir made these statements on the purple carpet held for the premiere of ‘Mariachis,’ an HBO Max series starring Pedro Fernandez.

What is José Ángel Bichir’s relationship with Belinda?

José Ángel Bichir’s statements have caused great controversy, and he has known Belinda since they were children.

Both met during the telenovela ‘Amigos Por Siempre filming,’ thanks to José Ángel Bichir’s father, Odiseo Bichir. Belinda and the actor worked together, so it was normal that his son was in the forums.

But their bond became stronger when they shared some scenes in ‘Adventures in Time.’

However, Jose Angel Bichir and Belinda’s relationship got a lot to talk about after they met again in Divina Comida Mexico, where they showed the great relationship they had and even showed that they had good chemistry.

Even at the end of last year, José Ángel Bichir was uncomfortable when asked about Belinda and was full of compliments for the singer.

“I adore her, we adore each other, we’ve known each other for many years, we love each other very much. She is a wonderful girl, she is charming and as you could see on the show (Divina Comida Mexico) we have chemistry, we have known each other for thousands of years, since we were kids and on the show it was wonderful to be able to connect again and I think it shows.”

José Ángel Bichir