José Eduardo Derbez claimed Yordi Rosado for talking about his parents’ wedding

José Eduardo Derbez reproached Yordi Rosado for having caused him to talk about his parents’ fake wedding again (Photos: [email protected]_eduardo92/@yordirosadooficial)

Yordi Rosado managed to make the fake wedding between Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo was a topic of conversation, because the versions of what happened that day contradict each other. Thus Jose Eduardo Derbez He reproached the presenter for having reopened a wound that many years ago had already healed.

In February, Yordi Rosado published on his YouTube channel the interview he did with Eugenio Derbez, in which they touched on the subject of fake wedding that has caused controversy in the artistic career of the actor and Victoria Ruffo, since she assured that she had been deceivedsince he thought it was a real link.

the protagonist of No refunds He denied that his ex-partner was unaware that it was a false celebrationso the controversy arose again to learn the truth behind the problems that occurred in their romance.

In this context, during the program On Air Members From the last week of February, José Eduardo Derbez talked about the things he would make fun of himself and what he would not, so the topic of the wedding between his parents came up. The actor claimed Yordi for having relived what happened between Eugenio and Victoria, because it was something that happened 30 years ago and the public had already left it in the past.

Jose Eduardo Derbez Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo
(Photo: Instagram / @ederbez)

I wouldn’t make fun of the last name, my parents, the fake wedding you did again, thanks Yordi”, said José Eduardo acting angry. Rosado reacted with laughter, but Derbez continued claiming: “From that wound that you took out again after 35 years”.

And it is that, according to Eugenio, when Ruffo gave him the news that they would be parents, she proposed to tell the press that they had married, so he planned a wedding themed party for the rings to be delivered. The actor revealed that in this way his false union would be more romantic.

Throughout his story, Derbez defended that the protagonist of soap operas always knew that it was a fake weddingbecause she participated in the planning of the party.

I send her an appointment, I surprise her… We went out to the place where all the guests were and with a recorder they put on the wedding march, this woman arrives and sees all her friends…”, she said.

(Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92)
(Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92)

At the ceremony was the actor Martial Casalewho disguised himself as a priest to officiate the mass, Ruffo wore a borrowed dress and, supposedly, there was no real religious and royal symbol in the place that would make the actress believe that it was a real wedding.

The producer also assured that he had not talked about this topic before because he did not want to expose his son’s mother and because it hurts him to have been branded as the one who lied in their relationship. However, he would have asked José Eduardo to tell the actress that she would reveal the supposed true version of the events.

And it is that his version of the story of his wedding does not agree with the one related by the Queen of soap operasbecause she has defended that Eugenio would have planned everything to make her believe that it was a true nuptial union.

Supposedly, Victoria would have managed to obtain the custody of José Eduardo thanks to the fact that he pointed to the protagonist of Acapulco if any cheated that way during their relationship.


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