José Joel exploded against Sarita Sosa for the alleged sale of items owned by José José

José José was taken to Miami by his youngest daughter Sarita, who did not allow contact with her older brothers, José Joel and Marysol Sosa (Photo: Instagram)

Jose Joel he launched against Sarita Sosa because he is supposedly selling some items that were owned by Jose josesuch as clothing items and awards. The singer’s eldest son argued that his half sister will not be able to sell his father’s house because he is not the heir.

José José lost his life on September 28, 2019 at the age of 71. His death was involved in controversy due to the family problems that, for several years, have existed between José Joel and Marysol Sosa with their younger sister, as they would have limited communication with the “Prince of the song.”

Things got worse after the famous Mexican interpreter left, as the brothers broke contact. Between dimes and diretes, José Joel had a meeting with the media where he spoke about the information he has regarding the sale of some of his father’s clothes that Sarita allegedly sold.

José José spent his last years next to Sara Salazar and Sarita Sosa (Photo: Instagram @josejoseoficial)
José José spent his last years next to Sara Salazar and Sarita Sosa (Photo: Instagram @josejoseoficial)

We found out that he is selling my dad’s suits, that he is selling the records, that he is selling the prizes … let them get to work, for God’s sake”, He declared before the cameras of Today.

Regarding the real estate property that José Rómulo Sosa had in the United States, his first-born son pointed out that it could not be acquired by any person without the authorization of the heir, who in this case would be Anel Noreña. A few months ago it emerged that Sarita would be looking for a buyer for the house, however the situation is unknown.

“He insists on selling the property, we are finding out, because I don’t think he could have sold it, because there is my dad’s name, he could have tried, there could have been a scamSomeone could have said yes, but then they said ‘hey, but this is in the will’ what do I know, ‘he added.

José Joel mentioned that both he and his sister and his mother are looking for a solution from the hand of their lawyers, so they trust that at a certain moment everything will be clarified. In addition, he indicated that his family does not want to rush things, but at some point they will be defending their heritage in the United States.

He already has one foot in jail because this girl does not have the right to be selling, she does not have to be reaching into something that does not correspond to her. We are going to try to get there and see who it was sold to, who has it, if we can get it back, well are items that should be in a museum”, He assured.

So far it is unknown what specific items would have been put up for sale by the youngest daughter of the “Prince of the song” and she has not given any statements in this regard.

Anel Noreña, Marysol and José Joel Sosa
(Photo: Instagram / @ anel_norenamx)

A few months ago, Anel Noreña confirmed that she was the universal heir to José José according to the last will that the singer made in Mexico. In an interview for Ventaneando, the star explained the last step to be able to access the singer’s heritage is the recognition of the document before be recognized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

On the process of recognition of the will in the United States, Anel shared that he is waiting for an appointment in court. Once he has it, he will travel to follow the corresponding protocol and serve as José José’s universal heir.

It should be remembered that José José was married three times throughout his life. His first marriage was with Natalia Herrera Calles, granddaughter of the former President of Mexico Plutarco Elías Calles. Later he joined Anel Noreña, with whom he had two children and, finally, he met Sara Salazar, from whose relationship Sarita was born.


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