José Joel says that Sarita Sosa sold José José’s suits, records and awards: “Let them get to work!”

The controversy between the children of Jose jose go on, well again José Joel attacked his younger sister, Sarita Sosa, who says it was not enough to auction off a property that belonged to the singer, because in recent days they also discovered that he’s selling some of his father’s belongings so he sent her a forceful message.

“Unfortunately we found out that he is selling my dad’s suits, that he is selling the records, that he is selling the awards. Let them get to work, for God’s sake! ”.

Jose Joel

And although the damage seems to have been consummated, José José’s eldest children plan to travel to Miami soon to try to rescue said belongings, as they consider they are so valuable that they should be protected, not in the hands of anyone outside the family.

“We are going to to try to get there and be able to see who it was sold to, who has them and if we can get them back, since they are articles that they must be in a museumHe explained.

In addition to these items, Sara could also be trying to put up for sale the property in which she currently lives with her mother, Sara Salazar, which is in the name of the deceased interpreter, that is why they will also seek to know in detail if there was any type negotiation.

He insists on selling the property, we are finding out, because I don’t think he could have sold it, because there is my dad’s name, he could have tried, there could be some scam, Someone could have said yes, but then they said ‘hey, this is in the will’ what do I know, but we’ll get to Miami, We are not in a hurry, ”he explained to various media, one of them the ‘Hoy’ program.

Regarding the sale of the apartment located in Miami, Florida, José Joel does not remove his finger from the line and recalled that his sister is in serious trouble with the law, which could lead to prison.

He already has one foot in jailSo this girl does not have the right to be selling, she does not have to put her hand where it does not belong ”, he said.

On the other hand, and after ensuring that Sarita Sosa is in the process of divorce for which her husband, Yimmy Ortiz, seeks to appropriate the property of the interpreter of ‘La Nave del Oblvido’, in addition to revealing important information, José Joel assures that there is not much to imagine, since it is known the type of intentions that his sister had from the moment she took her father by force, when this lived in Mexico.

What it can reveal that we do not imagine or do not know. We know that he took him the wrong way with intimidations, with threats and lies that had him there in captivity without being able to see him, without being able to be with him, then from there you can imagine all that they could do to him in the strict sense of have him lying there waiting for him to pass away “, he pointed out.

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