José Manuel Figueroa denies museum for his father Joan Sebastian

Given the statements that Maribel Guardia had made about a possible museum for Joan Sebastianthe singer came out Mexican Jose Manuel Figueroa to deny that such a museum in honor of his father may exist in the near future.

Let us remember that it was on January 6 that Maribel guard had declared to the media that his son JulianAs a result of the relationship she had with Joan Sebastian, she had already donated some of her father’s belongings, however, she was not very aware of how the museum would be made possible.

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The Costa Rican actress assured that although she did not know the plans that were among the singer’s children, the truth is that she knew they wanted to make the museum, so Julián donated a sculpture, a painting and prizes.

But the eldest son of ‘The People’s Poet’, Jose Manuel Figueroa, came out to declare that he did not see possible the creation of a museum in honor of his father, since in addition to the fact that they have not yet been able to agree on the inheritance and have been in lawsuits to see how everything is distributed, He assured that the idea of ​​the museum had been given by him for years since the singer died.

“They are pulling that from the museum there, it is something that is there, it has been talked about for years. I started the conversation five, six years ago that my father died and was exiled and completely destroyed by the family, which was not true, that my father did not want to, “he said. Jose Manuel Figueroa on video captured by Eden Dorantes.

He also mentioned that for his part he already spoke with the municipal president of Taxco de Alarcón, Mario Figueroa World, to be able to expose in Juliantla his private collection of the objects that he still has from his father and that he would like to share with those who admired and respected his father.

But he also did not rule out helping his siblings in case they do join as a family and make the museum in honor of him. King of JaripeoAlthough he thinks it wouldn’t be possible because of how they responded years ago when he put it on the table.

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