José Mujica trusts the “fresh wind” that Gabriel Boric will bring to Chile

The Former President of Uruguay José Mujica (2010-2015) trusts “in the fresh wind” that the leftist Gabriel Boric, president-elect of Chile, will take to the politics of that country South American, as he told him this Tuesday in an interview with a local station in which both agreed.

The Uruguayan radio M24 interviewed the next Chilean president, who will take office on March 11, and during the broadcast he connected him by video call with Mujica, whom Boric described as a “reference”.

“We talked to each other a while ago, we have met a couple of times and Pepe knows that he is a reference for us. His advice was well listened to: move forward step by step so as not to fall off the cliff, but never stop climbing those steps,” said the politician from Approve Dignidad, made up of the Broad Front and the Communist Party.

During the approximately 15 minutes they shared on the air, Mujica expressed his “confidence” in the “capacity” and in the “fresh wind” that Boric supposes, who, he said, has “a more open vision of the progressive world.”

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The former president of Uruguay for the Broad Front – a coalition of leftist parties that make up everything from Christian democracy to former Tupamaro guerrillas – commented that Chile is an example that there is a great difference between “economic success”, which figures show macroeconomic, and the “terrible social debts”, which caused the explosion in the streets.

“That is your job ahead. What is the point of growth in the economy if the fund of society does not rise and if prosperity is not distributed?” Mujica snapped at Boric.

The former Tupamaro guerrilla regretted not being able to attend the transfer of command in Santiago, but he offered his advice when needed.

“I am 86 years old, almost 87, a headwind catches me and it peels me. I love politics, but I love life more,” Mujica said.

The elected president of Chile confessed “part of the seed” of Mujica and indicated that he seeks to learn from previous generations “with the transfer of failures in all their reality and not of fears.”

Boric mentioned the two occasions on which he visited Uruguay, the first one in 2008, when he was 22 years old and, after attending a music festival in Argentina, he traveled “the entire (Uruguayan) coast almost by hand, from Colonia (southwest) to Santa Teresa (southeast)”.

He also pointed out as links with the country “the entire history of the Uruguayan Broad Front” and the iconic image of the upside-down map of South America, painted by the creator of Constructive Universalism, Joaquín Torres-García.

“Saying that ‘our north is the south’ is something that has permanently guided us in the political struggle from Chile,” he argued.

With 35 years and more than 4.6 million votes, Boric became on December 19, 2021 the youngest and most voted president-elect in the history of Chile, with 55.8% support, almost 12 points more than far-right José Antonio Kast.

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