José Sacristán will receive the Goya Award of Honor 2022 for his more than 60 years of experience in Spanish cinema

Actor José Sacristán receives the National Cinematography Award during the 69th International Film Festival in San Sebastián, Spain.

Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Lately, Spanish cinema has been a fundamental pillar in the film industry through a large group of actors or actresses who revolutionize the acting guild with their long history. Jose Sacristan by far he takes all the applause and recognition for being one of the main faces on the big screen.

With more than 60 years of experience in film, theater and television, the Film Academy will grant José Sacristán the Goya Award of Honor 2022for representing us in a unique way in so many unforgettable titles that are part of our intimate memory ”, was the message announced by the Film Academy in a statement to share this magnificent news.

After having found out about this recognition that will be delivered to you on February 12 at Les Arts de Valencia, José Sacristán expressed an emotional message in which he thanked the Film Academy for soon receiving said award at the venue where the 36th edition of the Goya Awards.

“My career has been the joy of the child who has seen his purpose fulfilled, that of making people believe that he was the student, the town crier, the recruit, the emigrant, the lawyer, the doctor …, and that people know it. believe. And the luck that throughout this journey my best friends and the people dearest to me, apart from my family, are in the profession. What more can I ask for! “

Jose Sacristan

It should be remembered that José Sacristán received the National Cinematography Award 2021 on September 20 that was awarded by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miguel Iceta. Now, José Sacristán will again receive an award next year at the 36th edition of the Goya Awards by “for being the face and voice of Spanish cinema of the last six decades”And“ for having known how to advance from the reflection that has returned to us on the screen some of the great changes that we have experienced in our cinema and in our society ”.

Among the feature films or series in which the 84-year-old actor has participated are ‘Velvet’, ‘High seas’,’ The son of the comic ‘,’ Lady in red on the gray background ‘and’ The son of the comic ‘, this last work will be directed and produced by José Sacristán that will be presented on December 2 at the Cine Doré of the Spanish Film Library, film that will honor the late Spanish novelist Fernando Fernan Gomez.

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