Jossmery Toledo on paper: they accuse her of driving without a license and presenting a police license in an operation

Jossmery Toledo She is in the eye of the storm after a chalaco denounced her for driving without a license and even for presenting her police license, when she is no longer a PNP NCO. The model has avoided responding to the strong accusation, but what really happened?

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The Instarándula portal showed a video where a reporter from Prensa Callao TV approaches her leaving a police station to ask her why she has presented the police brief when she does not have a license.

Jossmery, they tell us that you have shown your police driver’s license, is it allowed to show it or is it a crime? Can you show your police license without having obtained a license like any other citizen? What license are you driving with? Because you would be usurping and committing a serious crimesaid the journalist, making the model uncomfortable.

Jossmery Toledo, totally uncomfortable, only answers “you’ll find out” and immediately gets into his vehicle with an unknown destination.

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However, the Facebook of Prensa Callao TV shared a publication where it assures that the former Tulum girl does not have her license, according to the page of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In addition, they specify that if this statement is true, the model did not receive any type of sanction from the police station where it arrived.

“Jossmery Toledo does not have a driver’s license according to the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, but he drives his car normally. He made fun of the Law and left the Callao police station at home and then drove his modern vehicle in an unknown direction despite the fact that, according to the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru, he does not register it with a suitable driver’s license.“, it reads.

“Without a ticket for the violation and internment of the vehicle, as it deserves, it left the police station with flying colors, wishing us a happy year”, add the half chalaco.


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