Jota Benz surprises by revealing that he never saw ‘Habacilar’, despite the fact that it would be part of the new program

WHAT? Jota Benz is one of the warriors that appears in the promo for ‘Habacilar’, which returns this Monday the 24th at 7 pm with a new format. However, in an interview for ‘Estas en todos’, Angie Arizaga’s partner surprised more than one.

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Although, both Jota Benz and Angie Arizaga said they knew nothing about ‘Esto es Habacilar’, as the new contest space will be called. The reality boy attracted attention because he confessed that he had never seen the program conducted by Raúl Romero.

“I’m more confused than you, because I’ve never seen ‘Habacilar’ (…) I also said it because of my age”said the brother of Gino Assereto.

‘Habacilar’: they confirm that warriors will be part of the program

Producer Mariana Ramírez del Villar revealed that members of Esto es Guerra will be part of the new program that will maintain the essence of ‘Habacilar’.

“’Habacilar’ is a format that for many people is going to be something new, and although it is a return to the past, I am sure that it will manage to attract the EEG public. There will be some warriors included in the format, included in other roles”, he indicated.

The most publicized to be in the space are, precisely, the reality boys that appear in the promotion, these are: Ignacio Baladán, Paloma Fiuza, Luciana Fuster, Jota Benz and Korina Rivadeneira.


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