Journalists ask AMLO for seriousness after the murder of Armando Linares

An important group of journalists from the state of Michoacanthey asked the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorseriousness to deal with the murder of his colleague, Armando Linares Lopezdirector of the news portal Monitor Michoacán, which occurred in the municipality of Zitácuaro.

Through a positioning in networks, around 140 reporters, photographers and cameramen attached to the collective #NiUnoMásMichoacán, accused that the Federal Administration, the Government of Michoacán and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), ignored the threats that Armando Linares López denounced. on January 31, when gunmen also shot dead his fellow reporter Roberto Toledo, in a legal office in the same municipality.

Let us remember that in this same clamor as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, the United Nations Organization (UN) also joined the alert call for violence against journalists in Mexico and recognized that reporters who cover sources of politics, corruption and crime are the ones who are most at risk.

“There is no real interest in protecting the lives of colleagues”: Journalists.

It was through the Twitter account of the collective “#YoSiSoyPeriodista” that the communicators spoke, “This Tuesday, comrade Armando Linares López, director of Monitor Michoacán, was murdered in his home in Zitácuaro, in front of his children. Armando publicly denounced at different times threats against him and from Monitor Michoacán staff.”

They recalled that on January 31, Roberto Toledo Barrera, who worked at Monitor Michoacán, was also cowardly murdered. “After Roberto’s murder, we witnessed the institutional action of the Federal and State Governments to dismiss the threats against the colleagues of Monitor Michoacán.”

Armando Linares López was shot to death this past Tuesday in front of members of his family, inside his home located in the Carabanchel neighborhood of Zitácuaro, a Michoacan municipality, adjacent to the State of Mexico.

Journalists murdered in Mexico

According to the Non-Governmental Organization “Article 19”, in just two and a half months in Mexico there are six journalists killed for their work. If it is confirmed that this death is linked to his work, it would be the seventh case so far in 2022.

Despite this situation and the constant attacks by the Federal Government towards journalists through morning conferences, the Mexican president has assured that “he is on the side of journalists” and has assured that he assumes his responsibility and work for peace.

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