JTBC Defends K-Drama Snowdrop Again With BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On December 21, JTBC released an official statement with respect to the growing Controversy over K-Drama Snowdrop. Korean drama stars the singer BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae In.

JTBC posted on their bulletin board explaining that the story behind ‘Snowdrop’ is fictitious and has nothing to do with the historical background of that time. However, at the time of writing this article in AmericanPost.News, the petition to cancel the K-Drama Snowdrop reaches more than 200 thousand signatures.

JTBC statement by K-Drama Snowdrop

JTBC wrote: “We are writing to disclose our position on the latest controversy surrounding ‘Snowdrop’. We are disclosing our position because the controversy surrounding the drama has not abated and has escalated based on different factual information.”

The production company went on to explain: “First of all, the motif of the main events and the background of ‘Snowdrop’ surrounds the presidential elections during the military regime. The drama is a fictional story about how the established powers work with North Korea to maintain his power ”.

“Snowdrop ‘is a creative work that shows the personal narrative of those who were used and sacrificed by the powerful”

The company continued: “There are no spies leading the democratization movement in ‘Snowdrop’. The story in which the male and female protagonist participates or leads the democratization movement did not appear in the last episodes 1 and 2 nor does it exist in any other script place thereafter “.

JTBC explained that the misunderstanding will be resolved as the story unfolds in subsequent episodes. They explained: “Most of the misunderstandings will be resolved in the course of the development of the drama in the future regarding the ‘distortion of history and the disparagement of the democratization movement.”

JTBC expressed disappointment that they are unable to reveal more about the story as it can spoil the drama, and asked viewers to patiently observe how the story will unfold.

However, netizens were still dissatisfied with the statement and expressed their disappointment in an online community where the statement was shared. Previously, JTBC Drama’s Instagram shared video teasers for Snowdrop.

Where do I see Snowdrop?

JTBC Explains K-Drama Snowdrop Controversy

Fans can watch the drama Snowdrop on Disney Plus, but we still do not have a confirmed launch date for Latin America. Recall that Disney Plus will produce K-Drama and its own anime series.

Some netizens commented that “This drama should end”, “This is such a long written excuse”, “I really don’t think they understood what the problem was”, “I think the story setting and the character setting are already a problem.

“I’m so disgusted by how they say they’re afraid of spoiling the drama,” “Wow, they sound like they’re blaming the viewers saying they were the ones who didn’t understand.” What do you think of the K-Drama Snowdrop?

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