Juan Ferrara reveals what his great friend Enrique Rocha died of: “It was very unexpected”

Juan Ferrara and Enrique Rocha.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

The death of the actor Enrique Rocha He has dressed the show in Mexico in mourning, his voice, talent, and companionship are just some characteristics for which he will always be remembered by the public, producers and friends who have reacted to such a regrettable loss.

One of the celebrities with whom he forged a great friendship was the actor Juan Ferrara, who during an interview for the program ‘Hoy’ shared some anecdotes and the way in which he found out about such unfortunate news that it was difficult for him to assimilate.

It was really a horrible scare, because I opened the phone and everyone was asking me for a few words for the death of Enrique Rocha, I thought it was a joke at first, and then it was a horrible scare already when I found out. News that I never expected of such a healthy, happy and optimistic man, ”he shared.

Juan Ferrara confesses to being devastated due to the death of one of his greatest friends, as he knew him from an early age and from then on they became companions in adventures.

“I never thought I had this news from Enrique. I knew him since I was 13 years old, we were close friends, fellow adventurers, fellow travelers, fellow actors for a lifetime. He was my oldest friend, it was more than anything a surprise and a huge scare, “he added with his voice cut short.

And although so far it had not been confirmed what did Enrique Rocha die of, Ferrara revealed that it was due to natural causes while he was sleeping.

“He went to bed to watch the race the next day and he didn’t wake up anymore. In other words, he had what they call the death of the righteous. He died asleep without pain, without having a bad time. It was very unexpected ”.

Juan Ferrara

He emphasizes that his friend always enjoyed every moment of his life and was very lucky, which led him to become a much loved human being, who always had good advice to give.

He was a wise man for life. I resorted to him whenever I was desperate, because he always had words of encouragement, to bring you down. He was a character of life, a very wise man for me, a great friend and I will remember him with his phrases. He was a very nice and very wise man. An endearing and lovable man, focused, always respected by everyoneHe recalled.

Juan Ferrara ended by revealing that he had not had the opportunity to see him over the last two years due to the pandemic, as both remained in confinement. Despite this, they kept communicating by phone, so one of their last talks was to make plans to meet again.

“The last time I spoke to him we talked about how we would see each other soon. That is why the news surprised me greatly. The news is like a scare and I think it is a joke that is not true. He was a great traveling companion and I am very sorry that he got off the train early ”.

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