Juan Pablo Medina did lose his leg due to thrombosis he suffered (PHOTOS)

  • After not confirming anything about his leg amputation, now the media are giving the fateful news
  • The naturalized Mexican actor Juan Pablo Medina, suffered a thrombosis
  • Media confirm that they did have to make the decision to amputate his leg to save his life

After days of making himself known that the Mexican actor Juan Pablo Medina of films such as ‘Amor de mis Amores’, ‘Solteras’, ‘El Club de los Idealistas’ and television series such as ‘La Casa de las Flores’ and ‘When You Are Mine’ , would have suffered a thrombosis that took him to the hospital, now it is confirmed that they did have to amputate his leg to save his life.

And it is that although the news spread like wildfire, at first it was managed that the thrombosis that the actor would have suffered was recent, but it transpired that this happened two weeks ago when he was recording a project, and suddenly he began to feel bad for which was transferred to the hospital.

Juan Pablo Medina suffered a thrombosis

Juan Pablo Medina thrombosis

Apparently, Juan Pablo Medina was taken to the hospital when he suddenly suffered a thrombosis that put his life at risk and to save him, the doctors had to make the tough decision to amputate his leg in order to stabilize his health and not be in any more danger .

His management sent a statement confirming that the actor was hospitalized and already stable in health, but it was never mentioned if they had decided to amputate his leg so that he would no longer be in danger, however now media such as the program ‘De Primera Mano ‘, the magazine TvNotas and the journalist Ana María Alvarado, assure what happened.

Juan Pablo Medina would have lost a leg due to thrombosis

Communicated by the Juan Pablo Medina family

In the press release, the family of the naturalized Mexican actor asks for respect for the privacy of Juan Pablo Medina and prudence due to the difficult health moment that the actor is going through, an actor very loved in Mexico for his projects and for being one of the most simple among the artistic medium.

As it was reproduced in TvNotas, the program of the chain Imagen ‘De Primera Mano’, was in charge of confirming that Juan Pablo Medina had to amputate a leg to survive: “There had been a rumor that his leg. Yesterday, to our offices, a very close source assured us that indeed he had already had his leg amputated, that he was a little calmer and that yesterday he went to the floor, “said reporter Mariana Zepeda .

The thrombosis was about to take his life

Journalist confirms leg amputation of Juan Pablo Medina

The actor arrived so seriously at the hospital where even his father works as a doctor, so he was duly treated, but in the face of the difficult situation, there was nothing more that could be done than to amputate his leg to stabilize him: “They had told us that he he was in intensive care, very delicate and practically on the verge of dying, and that was how they made the decision to save his life “, it was mentioned in ‘De Primera Mano’.

For her part, the Mexican journalist Ana María Alvarado, in a TikTok video gave more details about it and sent her good wishes to the actor: “Sad news in the case of Juan Pablo Medina, it is very unfortunate because because of a thrombosis It was not this week, it was more than two weeks ago, he had a septic shock and the media had to decide to amputate his leg so that the infection would not continue and save his life, today you are alive Juan Pablo Medina, yes it is very easy to say outside, but the only thing I wish from my heart is that God gives you enough strength to face it, accept it and move on because you are a great person, you have a great career and many people who love you too much and hopefully this news can later transform into something very positive for your life2, he said.

They send messages of support and affection to the actor

Juan Pablo Medina thrombosis

In the video of the journalist Ana María Alvarado, reproduced on the ‘Chicapicosa’ Instagram account, people demonstrated to send messages of support to the actor Juan Pablo Medina in the face of thrombosis: “Unfortunately, but thank God he is still alive”, ” A shower of Blessings for him ”,“ What a difficult situation, but thank God he has life ”,“ A thousand blessings for him. It will be very difficult but thank God he is alive. Cheer up”.

“How sad, but hopefully they can put a prosthesis like the girl from Colombia Daniela I think her name is”, “But why do they say it was because of the COVID19 vaccine. WILL IT BE TRUE? Who knows … Only God is the one who has control of us … Blessed my God who is alive “,” Is it true that it was the effect of the vaccine? “,” Poor man “, wrote other people.

Thrombosis causes leg amputation

Faced with the difficult situation that the actor Juan Pablo Medina lives, his girlfriend, the Colombian Paulina Dávila has not moved from his side in these complicated moments and the actress meets him in the hospital where he is admitted and from which it is unknown when he will be able to be discharged.

Juan Pablo Medina began his career in Mexican soap operas such as ‘When You Are Mía’ and ‘Soñarás’ by TvAzteca, he also achieved fame thanks to the series ‘Soy Tu Fan’ of which the new season is currently being recorded after many years of being On hiatus, however, it was within this project where the actor felt bad and had to leave to take care of his health. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE JOURNALIST ANNOUNCING THE AMPUTATION OF JUAN PABLO MEDINA’S LEG

Juan Pablo Medina’s ‘secret’ is revealed

Juan Pablo Medina secret

Last Monday, August 3, it was reported that weeks ago, the actor Juan Pablo Medina was taken to the hospital in an emergency, since the artist had suffered a thrombosis. This happened when he was filming, he suddenly complained of a series of pains, and was immediately transferred to the clinic to receive medical attention.

Now just a few hours after being hospitalized, a ‘secret’ of the actor has been revealed that few knew, since many say he is Mexican. Previously, Juan Pablo had said in an interview that he had decided to be Mexican for many reasons when he was not actually born in Mexico, according to El Universal.

Juan Pablo Medina secret: Decide to be Mexican

Decide to be mexican

From appearing in small scenes in Mexican productions such as “The Second Night” (1999) and “When You Are Mine (2001) to having one of the main characters in recent series such as” La casa de las flores “and the film” Seeking Dad ”, This is how the career of actor Juan Pablo Medina has evolved.

The one born in Virginia, United States, has stood out in Mexican cinema and television with a career of more than 20 years, however this Monday he became news not because of a new production on his resume but because the news was released that he was hospitalized due to a thrombosis.

Suffered the ravages of the pandemic

Suffered the ravages of the pandemic

After several hours of having been waiting for news about the health of actor Juan Pablo Medina, last Monday night some media reported that he is already out of danger and in recovery so that in the next few days he could leave the sanatorium where he is hospitalized.

It was in 2016 when Medina in an interview with Javier Poza decided to be Mexican, this when he was in the promotion of the film “The immoral life of the ideal couple” where he shared that he was born in Virginia because his father studied medicine there and spent his first four years in the United States.

Enjoy your career

Juan Pablo Medina secret: Enjoy his career

In his career he has appeared in soap operas such as “Soñarás” (2004) and the series “Soy tu fan” (2010) allowed him to explore his antagonist side, while in the series and later film of “La casa de las flores” he represented to the LGBT + community by having a character with a gay relationship with Julián, a character played by Darío Yazbek.

Medina had recently suffered the ravages of the pandemic; Last May, from March (when the health crisis began) to October 2020, he survived on his savings; later he returned to the forums to record precisely the movie “La casa de las flores” by Manolo Caro, according to El Universal

The actor’s delicate state of health

The actor's delicate state of health
Photo: Twitter

The Mexican actor shared in August 2019 he spoke a little about his passion for work and the advantages of having more and more platforms that allow him to explore all kinds of characters. On his opinion of the rise of national productions, he commented during the filming of Amarres: “I am happy not to stop working because I love the job and it is fair that they allow you to make such different characters and that they do not pigeonhole you,” he said.

“Fortunately for me there are several original series and not as much copy as before and that allows you to get into different characters and accept other things that go totally from one place to another.” One of his next projects that will hit the screen is the film version of “Soy tu fan” that he filmed in Acapulco with Ana Claudia Talancón and Osvaldo Benavides. Some images of this note come from the following video

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