Juan Pablo Medina has recovered and already has a project for the cinema

John Paul Medina, the Mexican actor had to suffer an amputation of his leg due to a thrombosis almost a year ago, on July 15, 2021. But he has already fully recovered, after many therapies and the support of his loved ones. So he now celebrates that he can continue his successful art career.

On this occasion, the actor was seen changing and posing naturally with the rest of the cast on the red carpet at the premiere of the new movie in which he acted. This is the movie called “Love Sick.”

The actor was very happy that he was able to resume all his activities without any problem and even be able to participate in the filming of a movie. Learn more about the recovery of the actor in AmericanPost.News.

“I am very grateful to be here, to be with the people I love, to have the opportunity to work again,” he said.

“Sick of Love” will be available on streaming platform

Juan Pablo Medina with Paulina Davila. Juan Pablo Medina lost a leg due to a thrombosis.

The actor John Paul Medina He acted in “Enfermos de Amor” which was recorded last year but until now they are premiering it in a premiere that took place yesterday in a movie theater in Polanco in Mexico City.

Some of the actors with whom the actor from “Soy tu Fan” and “La Casa de las Flores” worked are: Natalia Tellez, Fenanda Castle, Andres Palacios, Alexander of the Madrid, Luis Arrieta, alberto war, Jesus Zavalaamong others.

In addition, as a bonus, the film is available from today on the streaming platform called ViX+.

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What caused Juan Pablo Medina’s thrombosis?

Juan Pablo Medina lost a leg due to a thrombosis.

Thrombosis usually occurs in patients with certain risk conditions such as obesity or cardiovascular disease. However, the case of the famous Juan Pablo Medina did not have a thrombosis due to this type of ailment.

Everything seems to indicate that it could be a medical problem in which the body itself produces clots. This is what is known as coagulopathy and to ensure his well-being he had a leg amputated in which he now has a full leg prosthesis.

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