Juan Pablo Medina reappears with a photo on social networks after losing his leg

The last few weeks have been very difficult for the actor of “The House of Flowers”, Juan Pablo Medina, who has been the center of attention in the artistic world, after it became known that he lost his leg due to a thrombosis, which generated much concern among the guild, his fans and the media that follow closely the actor’s state of health.

After the actor did not publish any photos on his social networks for several weeks, the protagonist of “La Casa de Las Flores” shared his first photo after leaving the hospital.

In his Instagram Stories, Media reposted a publication by the actress Gabriela de la Garza, in which he appears with his colleagues from the series “Amarres”, which will be available on the streaming platform HBO Max.

Also pictured is the actor and leader of Fobia, Leonardo de Lozanne, as well as several members of the production, on what appears to be a day of filming. The snapshot was accompanied by the song “Today I’m afraid” by the 80s rock band.

Gabriela de la Garza is promoting the new series, so she has not been able to avoid questions from the press about the health of her stage partner, Juan Pablo Medina, because it must be remembered that when the premiere of the production was announced Mexican on HBO, the actor was hospitalized.

In this regard, the actress has not wanted to give many details, but has mentioned that his friends are close to him, supporting him at this difficult time.

Since his nomination as “Best Actor at the Ariel Awards” was announced, Juan Pablo reappeared for the first time on his Instagram account to thank the classification in one of the most important awards in the Mexican industry and for the displays of affection and support from his fans throughout his career.


According to TVNotas magazine, who revealed an interview with a close friend of the actor from series like “Soy Tu Fan” and “La Casa de las Flores”, he is already in the company of his family on a vacation in Valle de Bravo where he is spending quality time with loved ones after a long hospital stay.

According to the aforementioned source, Juan Pablo Medina did go through some very difficult days where sadness was the only feeling that accompanied him, but little by little he has assimilated things, but, above all, the actor feels grateful to God that he is alive.

Due to the above, the actor decided not to be defeated, so the option of a prosthesis has not been ruled out, that is why, as mentioned above, he could already be in contact with specialists from other countries.

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