Juan Reynoso is surprised with the debut of Charly Rodríguez and Erick Lira

Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

The coach of the Blue Cross, Juan Reynoso, was completely impressed with the performance of the new team players on Saturday night in the opening match of the Clausura 2022, against the Xolos de Tijuana.

The Peruvian coach highlighted the game of Erick Lira and Charly Rodríguez, who stood out in the attack. About Uriel Antuna said that he did not have enough time to adapt to the team.

“It is never easy to debut in a team like Cruz Azul, just when Uriel was going to play with us his daughter was born, and today he did well but he lacks work and minutes. Charly and Erick fumbled, Charly endured us 70 minutes, but we stayed with the effort”, Commented the strategist during the press conference.

However, Reynoso also recognized the good approach of the Xolos, a group that dominated the game, although The result benefited the Celestial Machine with a score of 2-0.

It was complex but it is a reality that you have to get used to, because the soldiers fell and the boys made a good effort and that is why they cost us the first 25 minutes ”, he stressed.

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