Juan Rulfo Why is he trending on Twitter with Pedro Páramo?

Juan Rulfo was one of the greats of the Latin American narrative, who left a legacy in the world of Mexican literature, shaping different worlds and contexts within the real and fantastic in which he developed scenarios whose characters face socio-cultural problems in each of his writings.

This character was born on May 16, 1917, in the family home of Apulco, Jalisco, Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno, or well known as Juan RulfoHe was also a writer, photographer and screenwriter belonging to the generation of 52, being one of the most widely recognized writers in Latin America in the 20th century, due to the quality of his works.

Rulfo wrote only two books: a novel and a compilation of short stories, and yet he is considered one of the most important writers that Mexico and Jalisco have produced.

The life of Juan Rulfo

It stands out in the biographies of the author that he had a childhood marked by the murder of his father, who died in 1923; some time later, in 1927 his mother died, so in 1929 he was taken to a boarding school in Guadalajara, where he did his basic studies.

Some time later he moved to Mexico City where he attended the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM as a listener, and began to venture into the world of literature with his participation in the magazine América, where he published his first story entitled “Macario”.

For the year 1948 he made another of the publications that were part of his legacy, “La Cuesta de las Comadres”. In the early 1950s, he published “Talpa” and “El llano en llamas” in 1950.

In 1951 he continued to publish works and stories, and on this date his publication was again in the magazine América, where he presented his story ¡Tell them not to kill me!

Why is it trending on Twitter?

It should be noted that his most recognized works include: Tell them not to kill me (1951), El llano en llamas (1953), Pedro Páramo (1955), El Gallo de Oro (2010), among others.

At the same time, Juan Rulfo received various recognitions, such as the National Prize for Letters that he obtained in 1970; the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize in 1956, for his work “Pedro Páramo”; National Prize for Literature, given by the government of Mexico in 1970 and in 1983 he received the Prince of Asturias Award from Spain.

The prominent Juan Rulfo participated in the student congress of the University of Warsaw in 1974, and was elected a member of the Mexican Academy of Language on July 9, 197 and unfortunately on January 7, 1986, Juan Rulfo died in Mexico City, so today for its death anniversary is a trend on Twitter.

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