Juan Son accuses his father of having sexually violated him

Juan Carlos Pereda better known as Juan Son recently has shocked his fans and it is that through a video he has confessed that he was a victim of sexual abuse by his father.

It should be noted that Juan Son was born in the city of Guadalajara on January 24, 1984 under the name of Juan Carlos Pereda, at the age of five he moved to Texas, where he began to sing in the Church Choir; he later he would enter piano lessons and at the age of eleven he began to compose songs.

The famous singer Juan Son At the age of seventeen he created his first group: Nouveau, along with Eva (piano), Christian (drums), Diego (violin), Alfredo (bass) and Speed ​​(guitar), while during that time he appeared his nickname “Mussgo”, due to his hair beginning to grow and it was difficult to mold it. With this band he composed several songs, including “Como Duele”, of which there are videos on YouTube.

Juan Son left Porter

Another of the mysterious passages of this singer who is recognized for giving life to one of the Mexican rock bands back in 2005, disappeared after that Vive Latino of 2013 when he returned with Porter. It was 2013 and Porter announced his return after more than five years of silence.

A crowded Foro Sol and an unforgettable concert, then nothing was heard from Juan Son while Porter announced a new vocalist and Juan Son has been a very peculiar and also controversial character.

From his extravagant costumes during concerts to the creation of spiritual music, through his contempt for vaccines against Covid-19.

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Juan Son was a victim of sexual abuse

The famous singer Juan Son who has been very captive through his YouTube channel as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this time he has left many of his fans breathless and he has made a strong and very personal revelation.

It turns out that through a video entitled “The most difficult story of my life”, Porter’s ex-vocalist has revealed the complicated situation that happened after he was the victim of rape by his father.

“Since I can remember, they have always taken me to psychiatrists.”

Juan son reveals that his parents kept him medicated, since at the age of 8 he already suffered from venereal diseases, so he says he remembers that at some point they felt knives when going to the bathroom because of the pain they caused him.

“She would go into my room, and it was like, my whole room became like a story, it was strange because she became like, in the sleeping beauty, do you remember Maleficent’s palace, which was like green bricks, it was my room but it was done like this. So she would come in and rape me and cover my mouth and not let me breathe.”

The singer has explained with a broken voice that he always woke up with blood in his nose or with a lot of lagaña from crying so much and that his mother always tried to hide that situation.

Among other details, Porter’s ex-vocalist mentions that they always gave him panic attacks that took him to the hospital, because he remembered when the subject got on top of him and took his breath away.

The great revelation is made when he has a meeting with his father that induces him to form some papers for him, which Juan Son had determinedly not to do on his mother’s orders, so his father tells him:

“You haven’t forgiven me for raping you.”

It should be noted that the singer has admitted that it has been one of the most difficult things in his life, but despite telling his mother everything, they always considered him as someone mentally damaged.

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