Juan Víctor called Magaly Medina to face Andrea San Martín LIVE, but they did not let him

HE WANTED TO FACE HER. Andrea San Martín surprised viewers on the night of last Tuesday, December 22, by appearing on the Magaly Medina program to give her releases. This after her ex-partner Juan Víctor Sánchez sued her for alleged child abuse against her daughters. However, one detail caught our attention: a call from the pilot.

Almost at the end of the Magaly TV La Firme program, Juan Víctor contacted the production of the ‘magpie’ to respond to the ‘green-eyed’, however, the host and the model did not allow this confrontation to take place.

“I really take therapy for that reason, I really can’t. I cannot handle this situation. There have been so many interviews that have talked about me and I am … they have talked about 10,000 things, ”Andrea San Martín told a member of Magaly’s team when he asked if he wanted the call from his daughter’s father to prosper.

In response, Magaly Medina also preferred not to confront Andrea for the exclusive he was giving her, as it was the first time that the former host of ‘La banda del Chino’ spoke.

“Juan Víctor called, but you are giving me the interview, I don’t know if he has something to comment on. No, I don’t want them to confront each other, I would just like him to say something … It is true he has had more opportunities to defend himself than you, “he said.