Juanes hates social networks and confesses why

The Colombian singer Juanes hates social mediaIn fact, he published a video where he explains why he interacts in them.

In this video, Juanes is shown with his wife Karen in a restaurant, at which point the discussion arises about why he hates social networks and although he likes to “gossip”, he cannot spend his life filling up with “gossip”, he explains that there is more if the cell phone is lowered.

“The problem I have is that I hate social networks, it is not that I hate social networks because I do not hate people, I hate what that implies and what to do, Doña Cecilia loves social networks, my children love social networks and of course, it’s all the same ”, this in a video that Juanes himself uploaded to his Facebook profile.

Who is Juanes?

Juanes is a 49-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter. Juanes hates social networks but accepts that he likes to “gossip.”

Juan Esteban, better known as Juanes, is currently 49 years old and is one of the most recognized Spanish-speaking artists in the Latin pop and Spanish rock music industry.

In its trajectory has achieved 26 Latin Grammys, for songs like “I have the Black Shirt”, “I ask God”, “It is for you”, “I fall in love” and “For your Love”, among many others.

However, Juanes hates social networks and says that he does not usually upload stories like the others, but that he uses them to promote music or special family events and even there, otherwise his wife, who is more active and up-to-date on the internet .

Juanes hates social media

Juanes hates social networks but accepts that he likes to “gossip.”

“Everyone, not just me … well, he loves to gossip,” the wife replied with a laugh to Juanes.

He replies: “From time to time if I gossip, I accept it, but I can’t say that I don’t like gossiping because if I like to gossip but not always, I don’t like people all day long, I’m very busy, I have a lot of things to do ”, he reaffirmed.

So does Juanes really hate social media? The Colombian singer says that it is in the time that we spend sliding to see what others are doing, wasting a bit of time in what we have to do, so, to work, to study or to live with the one in front of you like.

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