Juanes says he hates social networks but says he likes gossip


Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images

The Colombian singer Juanes has caused various comments due to a comment he made about social networks, of his use and of how much he hates these applications that allow people to stay connected, informed and communicated at all times.

Through a video that has been broadcast by him on his Instagram account, the interpreter, world-renowned for the song “La camisa negra”, has made it clear that social networks are not his thing and that he despises themia, despite the fact that from time to time he likes to be aware of the odd gossip that is rolling around and to make frequent publications in them.

“The problem I have is that I hate social networks. I hate them, I mean, it’s not that I hate social media because I don’t hate people. I hate social networks, that is, what that means, what that implies and what to do “, detailed the Colombian singer on the Instagram account where he has more than 4.3 million followers.

However, the singer gave details about what he particularly hates about popular networks. “It’s the same thing I say all day but that my *** made up, I don’t want to invent anything else ”, added the artist, who in the most recent edition of the Latin Grammys won the award for Best Pop Rock Album with Origin.

Also, his wife made him think a bit about his use of social media. “Ceci loves social networks, not everyone loves social networks”, said the artist before adding that one of the things he likes most about them is gossip.

“From time to time if I gossip, I can’t say I don’t like to gossip, I like to gossip but not always all day seeing what everyone is doing, I don’t like it, I’m very busy, I have many things to do, “he said.

On New Years Eve the singer published a funny video in which he “practiced” to carry out the tradition of eating grapes to make wishes at midnight and welcome the new year. In the audiovisual he is seen eating grapes quickly and added “rehearsing for tonight.”

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