Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167 reveals new challenges in the Game of Death

Warning! The following article contains spoilers for the manga Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167 by Gege akutami, available in Spanish in MANGA Plus from Shueisha publishing house. On AmericanPost.News We recommend that you continue reading when you are up to date.

Megumi Fushiguro and Yuji Itadori They entered the Game of Death thinking they had it all figured out. They thought they knew their purpose and Kenjaku’s goal, so they devised a plan, gathered allies, and charged.

Little did they know, the already complicated Game of Death it is even more complex than they thought. Kenjaku goes on to show that there is always more to him than meets the eye; as well as being a master manipulator and always seems to be at least 20 steps ahead.

That’s why it’s not exactly a surprise that there’s more to his plans than he revealed at the end of the arc of the Shibuya incident. What’s intriguing about this is how it can end up impacting the plans of Fushiguro and Itadori, and the Game of Death as a whole. Earlier, Jujutsu Kaisen manga 165 sentenced Yuji Itadori for his worst crime.

Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers Chapter 167

Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Megumi and Reggie” Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Meeting with Kenjaku” Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Megumi negotiating”

As you can read from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167 in MANGA Plus, Fushiguro’s previous appearance was in Chapter 163 when Remi brought him to his ally, Reggie, after making him believe that he was taking him to Higuruma. Fushiguro is ready to fight upon realizing the deception. However, Reggie has something else in mind.

He is impressed by Fushiguro’s strength, which he evaluated based on his shikigami, thus suggesting that Fushiguro ally with him, which surprises Remi. Reggie asks Megumi how much she knows about the Game of Death and Megumi explains (leaving out the details about Master Tengen).

What is the Game of Death in Jujutsu Kaisen?

As far as Megumi knows, the Game of Death is a ritual to use the Cursed Energy of the players inside the barrier, with the intention of crossing the people of Japan to the other side so that they are no longer normal humans. In other words, turn them into sorcerers, cursed spirits, or something beyond.

Reggie informs Fushiguro that using the players’ Cursed Energy is probably one of Kenjaku’s plans. Their reasons for believing this are the number of players, the different skill levels of the players, and the barrier rules.

Basically, if there is 1000 players evenly distributed in the 10 colonies, that means there are 100 people in each neighborhood. Among the 100 there are certain players who are much stronger than the others, such as Higuruma and Kashimo, who were introduced in Chapter 158. These two alone have already eliminated about 60 wizards.

Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Encounter with Kenjaku” Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Megumi negotiating”

There is at least one person in each barrier with a strength level similar to Higuruma and Kashimo in Jujutsu Kaisen, which means that after the first stages, the Selection Game will quickly come to a standstill, as only the most will be left. powerful.

Then there is the transfer that occurs when players enter a colony. This was the reason why Itadori and Fushiguro parted ways. While dispersing people is one of the goals of the game, its main goal is to stimulate the first second awakenings in today’s wizards, some of whom have died.

Reggie reasonably deduces that if the goal is really to use the players’ Cursed Energy, long and drawn out battles between many wizards would be the way to go. This assumption makes sense considering how many sorcerers Higuruma and Kashimo have killed and how fast.

Long battles would allow newly awakened wizards to grow stronger and develop their Cursed Techniques, which would surely make their Cursed Energy more useful.

Then there is the fact that some players die simply from entering a colony in Jujutsu Kaisen. It doesn’t make sense that Kenjaku would allow so many players to die so easily if his main goal is to harness cursed energy.

Reggie is certain that there is something greater at stake in the Game of Death and that Kenjaku will drop a bomb when only the strongest wizards remain, at which point the game will have served its purpose.

His speculations are somewhat borne out when Kenjaku is shown meeting up with a group of important-looking men. Interestingly, one of the men addresses Kenjaku in Chinese and he responds in kind. This seems to imply that Kenjaku has made his way to China and is making moves there. Even more curious is the fact that he was invited.

Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / Shueisha “Megumi negotiating”

This mysterious meeting raises questions about Kenjaku’s influence outside of Japan. It’s unclear if the men he meets in this chapter know he’s a wizard, but it’s definitely a possibility.

If they are, they may be sorcerers themselves. Perhaps some even awakened Cursed Techniques thanks to him. It will be fascinating to see how they fit into your master plan. Most likely, Fushiguro and Itadori have more work to do in the Game of Sacrifice than they originally intended.

This bomb that Kenjaku will drop will likely turn the whole situation for the worse and raise the stakes even more. There are now even more questions than ever surrounding the mysterious Kenjaku’s motives, as he seems to have a myriad of tricks up his sleeve.

It’s no wonder fans have considered him one of the best villains in any ongoing Shonen Jump manga. Finally we remind you that Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best-selling manga in 2021. What did you think of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167?

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