Julián Gil’s sister talks about Juan Manuel Cortés from Suelta La Sopa, and accuses him of everything, even talks about orgies

Julián Gil’s sister talks about Juan Manuel Cortés from Suelta La Sopa, and accuses him of everything, even talks about orgies

“Tell me what you know”.

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Patricia Ramosco is the sister of the renowned actor Julián Gil, who has always remained by his side supporting him at all times in the harsh legal process that he went through against Marjorie de Sousa for the parental authority of his son Matías, among other legal lawsuits.. For this same reason, Ramosco never looked favorably on the team of Tell me what you know, especially to Juan Manuel Cortes, director of content of the same, since he was always clear in his position of support to the Venezuelan, over Julián Gil.

For this reason, Patricia Ramosco does not regret Telemundo’s decision to cancel the Suelta La Sopa program. And it is that this has a final date of December. Before the news, Julián Gil’s sister did not hesitate to react and send a strong public message against Juan Manuel Cortés.

Before sharing her words and the post, it should be noted that she herself ensures that the publication will not last long on her social networks. She assures that she will leave it for about two or three days, first because she wants to know the opinion of the people who follow her, so she will keep it for a while, but she will remove it because she feels that it dirties her profile.

Here his words:
“What happened” editor in chief “? Oh, I know, they canceled your show. The only forum that gave you a screen, power and a great opportunity that you obviously did not know how to take advantage of, they gave you a presence and left the network to shame and many in pain ”.}

He continues: “Divine Justice is called and I said it, today your karma and the least you deserve, for the damage you have done; Was it useful to be a simple sold? It is well known what you received from the left, to execute your vile attempt to defend the indefensible, without scruples without morals, and that it was obvious the ilk and the resources with which your protagonists did and achieved things. You helped the scum ”.

“Now we will see how many will stand up for you and not to mention your deplorable performance in a program, which may be good, you filled him with shame, you denigrated him and made him lose all credibility, and the chain did not deserve that, much less so many victims of your ambition and evil. We must be grateful, this is the exclusive result of your actions, your lack of empathy, respect, love and wanting to defend the indefensible (obviously from your party companions) who paid for your vices for good weather, your parties, your orgies and more … “

Now, you grapple with your conscience and live with it. Your abuse of power in front of cameras, abuse from your position as head of content, ordering who says or stops saying what comes to mind. You abused, you distorted truths, you blatantly lied, you took everything out of context, you accused to be an accessory to leaving a minor orphaned of a living parent. My nephew and for him today I celebrate“.

He concludes his harsh words: “God is fair and in trust, he once again proves it. Let’s see now who gives you a screen. Badly grateful, bad person, you deserve this and more. You thought yourself unpunished, omnipotent and you forgot that what is done here, is paid here. #lomejorestaporvenir This is just the beginning, we will see you again and again as in the video that I have of yours and it reminds me that from someone like you, we could not wait any longer! #elverdaderodiariodematiasgil Here you have one less and count ”.

If Julián Gil’s sister were to erase the publication, his words are exposed in this publication. And to rescue the image that he used for his writing, here we leave you the publication of Javier Ceriani, who took up the post of it.

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