Julio César Chávez celebrates his greatest title: 13 years without consuming alcohol and drugs

Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez celebrated this Wednesday what is perhaps the most important achievement of his entire life.

The Tapatio has achieved serve one more year away from drugs and alcoholand celebrated it with his followers and fans.

In his social networks, the “Great Mexican Champion” sent an emotional message to remember how It’s been 13 years since on August 10 he decided to stay away from substance use.

“Hello friends, as you can see, throughout my career I have won many world championships, but today is a very special day because i turn 13 clean without alcohol and without drugsChavez stated in a video.

“I believe that that’s the biggest title i have. Blessings to all”, said the Mexican from his house, accompanied by the trophies and belts that he won during his professional career.

But not everything is over in his fight with addictions, for Chávez also assured that he still has one to end, the cigarette.

“Besides, I want to commit to myself and my family. You already know that when you leave an addiction, you take refuge in the cigarette. Today I have made a promise that I will no longer smoke“, he stated.

“God first. Live just for today, as I’ve said throughout my career and through the years, live just for today. Just for today I will not take drugs, just for today I will not use drugs or alcohol. Just for today I will not smoke. I feel very happy to celebrate 13 years clean today. Through a recovery program, thank God, my life changed,” said Chavez.

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