Julio Preciado is admitted to an emergency hospital and undergoes an operation

  • Julio Preciado emergency hospital admission
  • The singer had another health problem and they had to operate on him
  • The history of the Mexican in his health is extensive

In a week full of deaths of celebrities and hospitalizations for health problems such as those of Vicente Fernández and Paty Navidad, now it is reported about the singer Julio Preciado who is in the hospital admitted to an emergency before an issue that required surgery.

After living a 2020 full of ups and downs in his health because he was infected with coronavirus, in addition to suffering problems with his lungs and pneumonia, Julio Preciado had to return to the emergency hospital after an eye vessel burst and was operated on for righ now.

Julio Preciado was intervened

Julio Preciado

On Thursday afternoon it was reported that Julio Preciado had to be transferred to the hospital after he began to see blurred in one of his eyes and when he was checked, it was found that it was an ocular vessel that had burst, so they had to operate it.

The events occurred in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, a city where medical reports on the health of Vicente Fernández are also expected, who has been hospitalized for days due to a fall and in quite serious condition, so the worst is feared … Yuliana Preciado, Julio’s daughter , reported what happened.

Julio Preciado is admitted to the hospital

Julio Preciado hospital

The program ‘De Primera Mano’, with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, was where the news was released that Julio Preciado had been taken to the hospital in an emergency and they were able to contact Yuliana Preciado, daughter of the singer who said that fortunately he is not there serious.

The young woman commented: “A few months ago they underwent cataract surgery so we arrived in Guadalajara yesterday, because we came to process the work visa and, because of the height, a glass burst and she had an internal effusion in her eye and they are going to undergo surgery today ”, he assured, news that Infobae reproduced.

They deny that Julio Preciado is in serious health

The singer hospitalized emergency

Apparently, Julio Preciado would have undergone surgery to treat the eye problem that he presented after he had an internal effusion: “He is very well, with the weight loss, with the analyzes that have been done on the kidney, everything is very well and nothing more than the complication that we went through ”, stated Yuliana.

Last year, Julio Preciado suffered hospitalization for lung problems, as well as for apparently catching COVID in the middle of the pandemic, however, he managed to stabilize and recover despite having an important medical history that many claimed was delicate.

The singer had to be operated on in the hospital

Julio Preciado hospitalized

Could it be that as a result of this problem he faces, Julio Preciado could lose his sight? The daughter of the Mexican singer denied that such a possibility exists: “No, nothing like that, but it did bother her because it caused a spot to be made in her eye and she sees blurry, so she needs to be treated with surgery.”

Another question that Yuliana Preciado was asked was about the remarkable weight loss of the native of Sinaloa, since he is visibly very thin, confirming that he has managed to lose 23 kilograms, as a result of a diet that began since she herself donated a kidney, in a complicated surgery last year.

People send their wishes for the improvement of Julio Preciado, after being taken to the hospital
page bJulio Preciado hospital

Instagram Pages of shows on Instagram such as ‘Chicapicosa’ and ‘Chamonic’, reproduced the information about Julio Preciado taken to the hospital and people did not hesitate to send their best wishes for his recovery: “God take care of him”, “It could have been because of the stress to the work visa. Speedy recovery”.

“First God everything will be fine”, “Hopefully he recovers soon”, “All good and not serious !!! How good he looks now that he has lost weight ”,“ Let’s hope he takes care of himself more than ever for all the health problems he has had for a long time ”, expressed the followers of the Mexican singer.

He had already had health problems in all of 2020

After suffering from coronavirus, Julio Preciado confesses that he asked God to die
PHOTO Instagram A New Day

The Mexican singer Julio Preciado, who rose to fame for being the vocalist of Banda El Recodo, has not had the best of years in this 2020, and after suffering from coronavirus, he confesses that he asked God to die. In an interview that is available on the social networks of the Un Nuevo Día program and that so far has more than 120 thousand reproductions, Julio Preciado surprised with his shocking statements.

Through tears, the Mexican singer, from his private residence in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in Mexico, and on Christmas Eve, said that a few days ago he asked God for mercy to stop suffering. “I said ‘take me’ because I was very desperate, the bed kills and it’s true. I did not want to lie down, but my body did not allow me. It is very difficult to have gone through so much process, I said (to God), ‘If you want to have me with you, send me health, if not, better take me’ ”.

Serious health problems

Julio Preciado hospital

It was last January that Julio Preciado received a kidney transplant, but after this procedure, he faced other health problems, which made him think that he would not survive. “I cannot say it in words, but it was very difficult, and it was not during the transplant nor was it when I had the testicular infection, it was now, on November 8 until a week ago that I woke up again due to a cold complicated by dengue.”

The Mexican singer, who recently turned 54 years old on December 1, confessed that he had very difficult moments for 20 days, because in 15 of them he could not eat. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Julio Preciado’s faith was broken

The singer to the hospital
MH file

A little calmer, but still with tears in his eyes, Julio Preciado commented that he got angry with God, to the point of asking him why he was saving him if he still had to be in bed. “I have done everything the doctors have told me, I think I have not been a bad human being with you, you have always been on my side, I do not know why you let me go now,” shared the Mexican singer who told God.

Almost at the end, the former vocalist of Banda El Recodo assured that he left behind alcohol and drugs, but the cigarette could not leave him, so he believes that is the price he is paying. “I must be grateful with life and with God, and I believe that having a family and having life is the essential part of being grateful for this day,” concluded the Mexican singer.

Julio Preciado to the hospital

After suffering from coronavirus, he confesses that he asked God to die
PHOTO Instagram A New Day

After this video was presented in which Julio Preciado confessed that he asked God to die after suffering from coronavirus, users were moved to learn of the serious health problems that the Mexican singer has had.

“God is wonderful, he loves his children”, “What a beautiful testimony, thank you for showing me that God never lets go of his children”, “God always helps you”, “How good, it’s better”.

“What a beautiful testimony”

After suffering from coronavirus, he confesses that he asked God to die

According to information from El Heraldo de México, Julio Preciado is experiencing a severe economic crisis, so he had to receive the help of Banda El Recodo, with whom he would say goodbye to the stage. This tour could take place in 2021, so the so-called “mother of all bands” is already processing the Mexican singer’s work visa.

“I think it will be one of the last tours that I will do in 2021 and 2022,” said Julio Preciado, who has had a very difficult year in 2020.

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