Julio Scherer Ibarra, a man close to AMLO, resigns from the Legal Counsel of the Presidency of Mexico

Julio Scherer Ibarra, a man close to AMLO, resigns from the Legal Counsel of the Presidency of Mexico

Mexican media assure that Julio Scherer Ibarra (left) resigned from the Legal Counsel of the Presidency of AMLO.

Photo: BERNARDO MONTOYA / AFP / Getty Images

The lawyer Julio Scherer Ibarra left his position as Legal Counselor of the Presidency, that it had held since the beginning of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Government sources confirmed the departure of the official, considered a legal and political operator of the Federal President, since he was a key element in developing and promoting the main reforms of the so-called Fourth Transformation.

Further, Scherer Ibarra represented the Executive branch in important litigation on key issues such as changes in energy matters.

During his tenure as General Counsel, the attorney did not always agree with the President.

A sample was made public in the Tabasco’s most recent book, in which he assures that the Legal Counsel was opposed to his instructions to make public the entire file on General Salvador Cienfuegos, sent by the United States authorities.

On the other hand, inside the federal cabinet always was alerted about the differences that were registered between the Legal Counsel and the former Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who just left the cabinet last week.

According to government sources, the lawyer was accused by the retired Minister’s team of invading some of the powers that corresponded to the head of Segob, including dialogue with legislators, governors and political leaders.

Further, amid the controversy unleashed by the transitory article that sought to extend the mandate of Minister Arturo Zaldívar, as president of the Court, legislators and officials attributed its authorship to Scherer.

A project in the Court proposes to declare unconstitutional the extension of the mandate of Zaldívar. The sources consulted assure that there could be changes in other dependencies.

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