Julio Urías revealed his passion for football and confessed that he is a Real Madrid fan

Julio Urías revealed his passion for football and confessed that he is a Real Madrid fan

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The pitchis Mexican Julio Urías is, without a doubt, one of the best pitchers in MLB today. However, the prominent left-hander confessed that in addition to baseball, he is also soccer fan and confessed that he is a Real Madrid fan.

The one from Sinaloa revealed the affection he has for the merengue team and even though he has not yet been able to visit the stadium to go see a game, he assures that he would very much like to travel to Spain and see a LaLiga match, where consider that they are the best teams.

“I would like to go to Spain, I really like soccer. Obviously there are the best teams. Real Madrid is one of my favorite teams, so I would like to go there ”, commented Urías in an interview for the Dodgers.

Admiration for Mbappé

Maintaining his love for football, Urías also commented that he feels great admiration for the French attacker Kylian Mbappé whom he had the opportunity to meet and that also highlighted the fact that both use the same number.

“One of the people I had to meet, Mbappé. Two years ago I think. It was something very nice for me, because I’m a huge soccer fan and he also wears the number 7So it is something very nice ”, confessed the pitcher.

The Dodgers who lost to the Giants in Game 3 of the Divisional Series on Monday will continue their activity this Tuesday at night at Dodger Stadium. Urías’s team is urgent and must win to force the fifth game while the Giants will seek to end the series with Anthony DeSclafani.

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