Just as Lady Di did with Prince Carlos, Belinda shows the great woman that Christian Nodal lost

spanish actress Belinda has amazed her thousands of followerss, after having published a series of photographs of a session on the shore of the beach, wearing a revealing swimsuitin which showed off her spectacular body. “Too much beauty” or “I knew that mermaids did exist”, are some of the many compliments that the ex-girlfriend of Mexican singer and songwriter Christian Nodal.

Just as Diana, Princess of Wales, did several years ago. (also known as Lady Di), when showing her ex-husbandPrince Charles of Wales, the woman who lost when using the so-called “revenge dress”also a singer Belinda showed her ex-fiancé Christian Nodal, the great woman she let go.

“The sea is my Eden, what is yours?” The so-called “Princess of Latin Pop” wrote in her post, referring to the series in which she stars, “Welcome to Eden”, an original Netflix series.

“You are my Eden”, “beautiful”, “monument”, “more beautiful every day”, “Goddess, we do not deserve you”, “what a perrísima you look, you are spectacular”, “There is nothing more sensual than Belinda in the beach”, “human perfection”, “none will ever reach his heels, ever” and others, are the messages he has received from his fans.

Belinda showing off her great body on the beach.

We share a bit of context with you, about the reference we make about Lady Di and we compare with Belinda.

In July 1994 the Prince carlosfirst in line to the British throne, made public his love relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles; at that moment he was still married to Diana Princess of Walesfor which he admitted having committed adultery.

A few days later, Vanity Fair magazine organized at the Serpentine Gallery in London, England, an annual benefit gala intended to raise funds for the art gallery. Lady Di did not want to attend because she was embarrassed by the statements of the father of her children, and knowing that there would be many journalists who would question her about her husband’s statements.

Encouraged by her butler to attend the event, Diana of Wales wore what many called “the dress of revenge”, by breaking with all the protocols on the dress of the British Royal House. It was a draped dress with a bardot neckline, combined with sheer black stockings and stilettos, a design by Christina Stambolian.

Lady Di wearing the dress of revenge. Photo: AFP

Upon arriving at the gala, she monopolized all the spotlights, because the princess had not been so daring and sexy before the public. While Prince Charles had publicly humiliated her admitting his infidelity with Camilla Parker Bowles, she did not break and looked more majestic than ever.

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On the other hand, recently Belinda He was at the 2022 Platinum Awards, an event that meant his first public appearance after his separation of Christian Nodal. On her way through the red carpet, she confessed to the media how she feels emotionally:

“Well, I’m now better than ever, they are processes of life, I’m already very calm, very happy, that’s how things happen, life is beautiful, it fills you with surprises and this is one of them.”

Belinda looks even more beautiful and spectacular.